World Championships: Baseball’s November history with Phillies-Astros Fall Classic joins the growing roster

An additional MLB playoff round has been added starting this year as well as the fact that the owner shutdown last holiday season ensures us once again experience one of the oddities of the sports calendar – Major League Baseball was played in November. World Series 3 at Citizens Bank Park between the Houston, Astros and Philadelphia Phillies was originally scheduled for Monday, but rain pushed it into Tuesday, which Gregorian calendar experts agree on November 1st. The 2022 World Championships will fall – with the expected conclusion – right around the corner of November.

Postseason baseball is strongly associated with October, so it follows that November’s MLB games are not a frequent occurrence. It is also a fairly recent phenomenon. The first example of baseball in November at the highest level dates back to 2001, when the September 11 attacks forced the last day of the regular season to be postponed from September 30 through October 7. The post-season schedule and games 5, 6 and 7 of the World Championships between the Yankees and Diamondbacks were staged in November.

From that point on, baseball in November has been two simultaneous events—the regular season starts a little later than it does in most seasons, and the World Championships last long enough to reach November’s rarely explored beaches. In all, seven different World Series spanned November – 2001 Diamondbacks-Yankees, 2009 Yankees-Phillies, 2010 Giants-Rangers, 2015 Royals-Mets, 2016 Cubs-Cleveland, 2017 Astros-Dodgers and 2021 Astros-Braves – and the 2022 edition will make eight . Going deeper, a total of 12 World Championship matches were played in November. The 2022 Phillies-Astros World Series will push that total to at least 15 (16 if you go six games and 17 if you go seven).

Unlike in 2001, the common theme for seasons running through November is Late Opening Day. Courtroom observers should pant at the evidence coming in:

  • Opening Day 2009: April 6
  • Opening Day 2010: April 5
  • Opening Day 2015: April 6
  • Opening Day 2016: April 4
  • Opening Day 2017: April 3
  • Opening day 2021: April 1
  • Opening Day 2022: April 7 (postponed one week after MLB closed)

The general lesson is that the later you start in April, the more likely it is that the World Championships will extend into November. It should also be noted that the schedule in regular years (i.e. no-close years) now has additional vacation days built in. That plus the addition of the Wild Card streak at the front end means baseball in November will likely be a fairly regular event going forward.

It just so happened that November saw some legendary games at the World Championships. Of particular note is Game 5 of the 2001 World Series, when Scott Bruceus collided with the game-linked Homer of Byung Hyun-Kim with two teams at the bottom of the ninth place. The Yankees went on to defeat the D-Backs in 12 rounds, 3-2. Game 7 in the same series, on November 4, was even more famous, with Luis Gonzalez giving Arizona a home-and-away win with a header over Mariano Rivera.

Before we move on, you will probably remember this moment from Game 4 in this series:

This home race to the series earned Derek Jeter the title of Mr. November. His clutch explosion actually happened in November, albeit barely. However, that’s only because Game 4, which started on October 31, ran past midnight local time. So it’s not technically the November World Championship game.

Game 5 of the 2015 World Series is discontinued on November 1, and this classic will be next November. The Mets took a 2-0 lead in ninth, and manager Terry Collins allowed famous/infamous rookie Matt Harvey to continue playing. Thanks in part to this decision, members of the royal family tied it up and eventually won the game and the series in the twelfth half.

Rivaling 2001 Game 7 is the seventh game of the 2016 World Championships between Cubs and Cleveland. With overlapping title droughts hanging in the balance, Cleveland finished three runs for eighth to tie the game. Two of those races came on unexpected grounds from Rajay Davis off Aroldis Chapman. The game went into the extras after a 17-minute rain delay, and at the top of the 10th place, the Cubs put two on the board. Cleveland launched a serious threat in the home run – he led Davis on a run – but Michael Martinez plowed past Chris Bryant in third to finish with the prospect of a tie at the start.

Maybe you’ll add the current World Championships to your short ledger for the November classics? Maybe already.

Before we leave this topic, let’s take a short walking tour of the November MLB record book, shall we? we will. to numbers:

  • Most of the November games are played: six – Derek Jeter, Yankees; Jorge Posada, Yankees
  • Most November hitsEight: Derek Jeter, Yankees
  • Most home runs in November: Three – Chase Utley, Phyllis / Dodgers
  • Most Additional Base Strikes in November: Four – Chase Oatley, Phyllis / Dodgers
  • Most total november rules: 14 – Chase Utley, Phyllis / Dodgers
  • Most November stolen bases: two – Lorenzo Cain, Royals; Johnny Damon, Yankees
  • Most November RBI: Seven – Addison Russell, Cubs
  • Record most November rounds: five – Johnny Damon, Yankees; Chase Utley, Phyllis / Dodgers
  • Walks most of NovemberFour – Nick Swisher, Yankees
  • Highest hits in November (at least 10 board impressions): .600 – Johnny Damon, Yankees
  • Highest percentage on base for November (at least 10 board impressions): .667 – Johnny Damon, Yankees
  • Highest slowdown for November (at least 10 board impressions): 1.273 – Chase Oatley, Phyllis/Dodgers
  • Most of November’s roles were played: 14 – Cliff Lee, Rangers
  • Most promotions for the month of November win: Two – Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks
  • Most hits in November: 10 – Roger Clemens, Yankees; Tim Linkcom, Giants; Mike Musina, Yankees
  • Walks most of November: Seven – Andy Pettit, Yankees
  • November lowest afternoon (minimum 6 rounds): 0.00 – Miguel Batista, Diamondbacks; Max Fried, Braves
  • Saves most of November: one – Ryan Madson, Royals; Mike Montgomery, Cubs; Mariano Rivera, Yankees; Brian Wilson, Giants

Of note in the series: Houston 3 champion Lance McCullers Jr., thanks to his efforts in Game 7 of the 2017 World Series, earned a 0.00 ERA on November 2 1/3. This means that a point-free gem on Tuesday night could give McCullers a spot on the ERA list above. In addition, Alex Bergman and Jose Altuve of the Astros were among only 13 players who stole a base in November. As you can see above, the November robbery record is eminently accessible number two.

So who is the real Mr. November? With all apologies to Jeter, maybe it’s Chase Utley or Johnny Damon. Perhaps, though, Astro or Phillie will get into that conversation by the end of the 2022 World Championships.

November baseball coming? November baseball is coming, folks.

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