Warriors defend consistency after Jordan Bull holds calls for the Heat

Draymond, Kerr called for consistency after JP carrier calls originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Jordan Bull was called up for more carry violations than the entire Miami Heat team in the Warriors’ 116-109 loss Tuesday night at the FTX Arena.

The 23-year-old had a difficult night, finishing the game with nine points in a 3-of-10 shot from the field and 1 of 7 from behind the arc. He also committed five extraditions, three of which were infractions.

Apparently, the NBA is focusing on making it a point of focus for those who hold calls.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr was stunned on Tuesday.

“I think there was an email that was sent out today and frankly, I didn’t check my email,” Kerr told reporters in Miami after the loss. “Like, we’ve got a game today. I’m not looking at the emails. I’m shocked the whole league is doing that. They’ve been doing it since Allen Iverson convinced the referees it wasn’t a lamb.

“It’s a lamb. What Jordan does is a lamb, but the whole league has been doing it. I think I should start checking my email on game days.”

Draymond Green echoed Kerr’s sentiments, saying if she was to be summoned, she should be summoned on both ends of the floor.

Miami whistled at someone with a violation by Caleb Martin, but Green thinks it should have been more than that.

“If you’re going to call it that, you better call it that because every goalkeeper in the NBA carries a lot,” Green told reporters post-game. “Some of the best ball players in the NBA carry quite often. So if it’s a point of focus, let’s see. But I’m not sure how many ball players I’ve seen all year and I see three in one game on one… So, if It was a focal point, that’s cool. But let’s see it next.

“But they got one, I love Cale [Lowry]i love jimmy [Butler], they are great. But they don’t take on the whole game. So if we only get one and I think it was at Caleb Martin, it couldn’t be much of a focus. I hope to see continued contact with him.”

Paul was clearly not happy with the calls, as shown right after the match on his Instagram story, where he threw hidden shots at the officials.

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Golden State lost its third game in a row and has been unbeaten on the road (0-4) this season. The Warriors will get a chance to regroup before facing the Eastern District’s worst conference Orlando Magic (1-7) Thursday at Amway Center.

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