Velez tied world championship record with 5 teammates to win Game 3

Philadelphia – The Philadelphia Phillies tied the record for most home runs in a World Series game, netting five in a 7-0 win over the Houston Astros in Game Three on Tuesday night.

All five home runs came from starting Lance McCullers Jr., a record for the most reptiles surrendered by a Brame in a World Championship game.

Familiarity was a key factor in Philadelphia’s offensive director.

“He’s a guy we saw at the end of the year in Houston,” Musk JT Realmoto said after the win. “I have to see his pitches then. He left pitches in the middle of the plate today.”

The Astros hosted the Phillies in the closing days of the regular season when the McCullers gave up one round over six innings. Tuesday was a completely different result. Bryce Harper (first half), Alec Bohm (second), Brandon Marsh (second), Kyle Schwarber (fifth) and Rhys Hoskins (fifth) all went deep, making the Phillies the first team in history to run five first-half five Roles of the world championship game.

“We talked about it before the game, just trying to tackle it early, trying to beat it a lot,” Harper said.

Before Homer’s second boom, Harper called him from the circle on the deck to the bunker and gave him a quick tip.

Asked if he and Bohm had discussed the possibility that McCullers might be leaning toward his shows, Harper said, “I think this is just a general conversation. We try to get as much information as we can from each other. We’ve just tried to get the best that we can be.” in bats.”

Baum smiled when asked what Harper had told him.

“This is between us,” he said in a mid-game interview during a Fox broadcast.

Baum remained shy when asked afterwards if Harper’s words helped him in his attack.

“Maybe,” he said with another smile.

Schwarber’s buddies and Hoskins were opposite each other, with Schwarber’s blast—a 443-foot shot to dead center—travelling to the furthest point. Philadelphia hit the home of four types of court, including two sliders, the change, the bowsaw, and the drill. Prior to Tuesday, McCullers had not given up a single home run in the 651 out-of-speed throws this season (regular season and playoffs).

“Listen, I am who I am,” McCullers said. “I’m going to throw a lot of speed. Everyone knows that.”

Once again, the Phillies hitters attributed their success more to knowing what the McCullers’ pitches would look like than what was going to happen.

“The shape of the field,” Hoskins said. “And what does each pitch do. What does it look like to the right-handed versus left-handed hitter? We did a great job tonight.”

Entering the game, McCullers gave up only three winning runs in 11 postseason rounds this month. He was pulled after the fifth home run, lasted only 4 1/3 runs, and gave up all seven. He’s only allowed four home runs in eight regular season starts this season.

All that power on the board supports rookie Velez’s Ranger Suarez, who threw five stoppages, only succumbed to three hits and walked away. Suarez’s stuff has been excellent as the raucous Philadelphia crowd, a constant theme in home games, with Velez being 6-0 this post-season.

“The excavator worked very well tonight,” Suarez said through an interpreter. “She had a really good movement. My cutter and my changes were really good too. She motivated a lot of homeowners with those pitches.

“To touch the fans, they were excellent tonight, as always. They definitely gave me an extra edge. They pump out that energy you don’t get anywhere else.”

Suarez has been on his feet in many two-stroke pitches, but it was Harper who lit the early fireworks with his first explosion on the right pitch. He hits .382 this postseason after hitting his sixth home run during the playoffs.

“I’m just focused on winning,” Harper said. “I’m not focused on anything other than that. I just had the chance to come here and am grateful for the chance to be here. Just grateful to be here with this team and this organization. I’m not really worried about anything else.”

The Phillies owns 17 homers at home this postseason, third in a single season of all time. They have a 2-1 lead in their best of seven streak heading into Game 4 on Wednesday.

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