Obama flips text on crime and inflation at Las Vegas rally

Barack Obama DrHe defended his party from Republican attacks on the economy and public safety during a rally for Democrats in Nevada Tuesday night.

The former president has been touring the country on behalf of Democratic candidates as party leaders fear that issues of inflation and crime will lead to a red wave for Republicans on November 8.

Speaking at Cheyenne High School in north Las Vegas, Obama appeared with the incumbents, led by Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and Governor Steve Sisolak, urging the public to vote for the Democrats.

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Obama’s speech at times echo The one he introduced in Nevada during the last midterm election cycle, in which he denounced growing “political darkness” and urged voters that staying home on Election Day would be “too dangerous.”

But his speech on Tuesday night frankly addressed the new political headwinds facing Democrats as the Republican Party spends tens of millions of dollars on commercials stifling them over the rising cost of gas and food.

“If you watch these ads, Republicans talk about them a lot, but what exactly is their answer? What is their economic policy?” Obama said.

The former president scoffed at Republican calls for tax cuts – “that’s their answer to everything” – and said it was Democrats who were focused on helping lower costs for working families.

“Republican policies — they’re not going to help you, but that’s why Democrats have actual plans to take on drug companies to lower prices, to get the oil industry to clean up their business, to pass laws to make housing affordable,” he said.

On crime, Obama painted Republicans as disinterested in public safety and promoted the gun control law Democrats passed earlier this year, backed by a number of Republicans, as well as pandemic relief money that cities use to fund police departments.

“Who will fight to keep you and your family safe?” Asked. “Will it be the Republican politicians who want to flood our streets with more guns, and who actually voted against more resources for police departments?”

Follows the former president’s Nevada rally, which featured musician John Legend and labor activist Dolores Huerta, Campaign discontinued In Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin for the past few days.


Obama, who has generally eschewed the political spotlight since leaving office in 2017, is one of many political heavyweights swinging in the mid-term. Donald Trump has been on a last-minute propaganda campaign in support of Republican candidates, while President Joe Biden has made a series of appearances in battlefield states.
The three will meet on Saturday in Pennsylvania, a state that could determine control of the Senate on November 8. Trump will organize a rally for Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz at La Trobe, while Obama will appear with Biden in Philadelphia in support of Hezbollah. Democrat in that race John Fetterman. Obama is scheduled to hold a second rally later that night in Pittsburgh.

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