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As the season progressed, it became more and more likely that Penn State would hear the announcement of two of its players early in the upcoming NFL Draft.

The first hit, Joey Porter Jr., has been a sensation over the course of his college career, and he’s now near the end of his third season as a rookie. Meanwhile, another offensive tackle, Olu Fashanu, has only recently escalated in the past two weeks.

Just a year ago, Fasano was basically unheard of, appearing in nine matches, mainly on special teams. However, this year he has turned into a full-time left-hander and has taken the country by storm.

“He’s so compatible with his approach, his habits, his maturity, his drive to the elite,” James Franklin said on Tuesday, “really in everything he does.”

Standing at 6-foot-6, 308 pounds and just 19 years old, Fashanu defines himself as not only one of the most complete offensive linemen entering the next draft but also with some serious potential, particularly in maintaining consistency.

“He’s usually in a great position. If he’s out of position, he has the ability to put himself back in the winning position versus a defensive end,” Franklin said. “

For some college athletes, it takes time to adjust to a work-life balance, especially when school work is incorporated into the picture.

However, Fashanu is expected to graduate a class early next fall, and be as good in class and in photo sessions as he is on the field, said Sal Wormley, his teammate in attack.

“He always talks about upcoming exams, the classes he talks about, how much study he has to do in addition to studying movies and watching other players,” Warmali said. “Its moral value as a whole is very impressive, and it’s something everyone can look at and learn from.”

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It is more important than ever that college athletes are able to maintain a strong and healthy work ethic, especially when taking into account the changes in the world of NIL.

With agents now able to connect with college athletes, this adds another element to an already hectic season.

“The way the rules changed made it worse,” Franklin said. “I know in some ways it’s better, but in some ways, like in the past, you can’t talk to an agent…I think sometimes those rules were good because it created a little bit of a barrier for them.”

Currently, Franklin said Fashanu’s phone is “continuously ringing the hook.”

With the hype around Fashanu increasing, Franklin recently placed a call with his family to discuss how to handle the process and next steps.

“They are amazing people, and [I] Franklin said. “Show them how we can be a resource in terms of them having a lot of information so they can make an informed decision.”

For anyone who’s watched him play, it’s really no surprise to see Fashanu’s name fly on the draft boards, certainly not for Franklin and the coaching staff who recruited him as a 3-star student from Gonzaga College High School (DC). ) in 2020.

“When we recruited Olu, we had our list of 25 properties. With Olu, he checked most of the boxes,” Franklin said. “I think what I found over the course of my time, whether it was in the NFL or college, were guys who were Checking a lot of boxes, they usually do a good job.”

After picking up an injury against Ohio State on Saturday, it’s not clear if Fasano will be allowed to play in Indiana this weekend, but Franklin did provide at least a small update on his condition.

“You know, injuries, I don’t go into a lot of detail and detail,” Franklin said. “So we’ll see how this week goes with him.”

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