Is Denny Hamlin running out of championship opportunities?

The way I see it is that Ross Chastain was doing whatever it took to get into the championship race without destroying anyone but himself in the process! Unbelievable, if I didn’t see it with my own eyes! However, does anyone else smell a new base from NASCAR coming? – Bobby T, YouTube

Let’s start with the inevitable: Ross Chastain’s move at Martinsville Speedway was legendary. Personally, it was the greatest move I’ve seen in the race. While we’ve seen guys like Carl Edwards and Kyle Larson try to do this, it kind of surprised me that it took nearly 75 years to get it done, yet it still seemed out of the question at the same time.

Despite how genius this move was, the question now arises whether such a move should be punished in the future. Drivers’ reactions after the race produced mixed opinions. Denny Hamlin credited Chastain for the move and said he tried something no one else had thought of. Ryan Blaney and Chase Briscoe found this move fascinating, but have expressed caution about whether it should be used in the future.

Then we have Larson and Joey Logano. As mentioned above, Larson attempted a similar move one year ago to pass Hamlin to victory at Darlington Raceway.

Do you think the defending champion would support such a move, right? Not so fast.

Larsson expressed his dissatisfaction with the move to expansion After the race.

“That was very embarrassing, frankly,” Larson said. “This is not a good view of our sport.”

Lugano admitted the move was amazing but the field is “open box” to do so.

These two motivations are essentially the main focus of the argument that punishment should be imposed. I would say this is terrible.

This step is listed as Sports center He plays number one in the Top 10 Plays for Sunday (October 30th). When was the last time you remembered a NASCAR highlight got that spot, let alone any mention on that list? Even news networks and non-NASCAR fans talk about it, generally positively. who – which he is What do you want sports right?

The problem NASCAR has faced over the past two decades is its inability to continue the good work. This time around, it’s the drivers who are threatening to spoil a potential breakthrough for the sport. While NASCAR drivers were wary of the move, other majors drivers were praising it. Even Formula 1, which has seen a surge of American interest, was described by drivers as one of the best moves ever.

NASCAR has had a lot of embarrassing moments in the last month, and they’ve received exactly that reaction. This did not happen, nor should it be described as “embarrassing”.

The thing is, these moves aren’t always an option. In fact, Martinsville is one of the only tracks that can be pulled due to the cornering angles and speed of the cars. If a quarterback can try “Hail Mary” in football, why can’t drivers try out Hill Mellon in the future?

I understand that this is something drivers should not do any time they are desperate, especially as it shreds equipment. But NASCAR dealt this hand to the qualifying drivers based on the match system, and Chastain played the right card.

This brings us to the question of whether it will be banned. We can’t say for sure that it won’t happen again in 2022, as Steve O’Donnell spoke this week.

Questions were also asked about whether it could be classified as an “event harmful race” or if a warning should be called. Chastain’s car was out of the groove and against the wall at a good velocity, likely preventing NASCAR from throwing yellow on the last lap. For dangerous races, I refer again to the fact that he was out of the racing line, plus he was not overtaking the drivers.

If potential penalties weren’t brought up when Edwards experimented with it in 2008 or Larson moved last year, why is NASCAR making a rule now for something that has only been done once? And if they really wanted to please the fans, this made them speak in a positive way. These are the people who buy tickets and watch them on TV.

Will we see a punishment? Unlikely in 2022, and in general, probably not. Now, if this happens multiple times in a short-term period, NASCAR is very likely to step in.

Until then, why tear up something when you catch the eye on the sport? The last thing we need is to add more bases for simply amazing moves. What Chastain did was mean these movements into the race: jaw dropping and amusement.

Is Denny Hamlin’s chances in the championship slim? He deserves a championship title before he retires. I say support him until he gets one. – Robert D, YouTube

Once again, Denny Hamlin falls victim to some misstep that has cost him a title. This determined Hamlin’s impending errors on this elusive title: Execution.

If you look at the first close call, it was back in 2010 when Hamlin nearly cut Jimmy Johnson’s title streak. The win at Texas Motor Speedway gave Hamlin 33 points over Johnson, with two races remaining.

At Phoenix Raceway, Hamlin drove 190 laps of the race. However, he was short on fuel and had to dig, which put him in 12th place. Entering the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway, Hamlin had a slight 15-point advantage over Johnson.

On lap 22, Hamlin went on a run and sustained minor damage to his splitter. Later in the race, he called Greg Biffle, injuring a toe and spoiling any title chance.

Nearly a decade later, his countryman in Chesterfield, Virginia, found his best chance of 2019. After a year of not winning for the first time in his career, Hamlin made a comeback by winning six races and qualifying for Championship 4. Only helping matters was He has the momentum, winning the final round of the quarter-finals in Phoenix in a dominant fashion.

Hamlin sure had the speed to win the title, but then again, the execution bit him. During a pit stop late in the race, the crew put a lot of duct tape on Hamlin’s grill, causing the number 11 holder to overheat. Hamlin had to wade with 46 laps remaining, dashesing his hopes of winning his first title again.

Then came 2020, when Hamlin qualified for the fourth championship again. But after winning the second most races of any driver that year with seven races, Hamlin was mostly underpowered compared to his title opponents, struggling to keep up with the long distances.

Hamlin’s last close chance came in 2021, when he once again raced for the championship. Hamlin was much more competitive in this game, with the number 11 showing solid speed over the long run. That played into his hands late in the race as he chased after teammate and title contender Martin Truex Jr for the lead and the championship. However, a warning was given with just over 20 laps remaining.

It all came down to the money stopping point, and Larson’s crew delivered him the fastest stop of the year, putting the No. 5 ahead and sending Larson to his first title. Hamlin could only watch from third place.

So what happened in this neighborhood? Hamlin swept the stages and led 203 laps in the race. But again, the execution on the crater road was kryptonite. After losing the lead on a pit road with just over 160 laps left, Hamlin got another shot at when caution flew in with 34 laps on the end. Unfortunately, the stop was even worse, as Hamlin lost several points on the pit road. In the end, it all led to Chastain’s “Hill Mellon” that cemented Hamlin’s downfall.

Whether due to driver tensions (see: Hamlin vs.

At 41 years old, the clock is starting to take its course in Hamlin’s career. Add to the fact that the youth movement is starting to take over (the average age of this year’s 4 championship is 28.5), and it looks like the veterans’ years of dominance are over.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Hamlin had one of his worst statistical seasons in years. His average finish of 15.7 was the worst since 2013. He’s had the fewest top-five scores since 2018, and his 10 lowest points since 2013.

You can never count a trophy race winner 48 times. But with Hamlin’s growing age and years of poor execution, the chance of Hamlin holding the French Bale Cup seems more unlikely than anything else.

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