Green Bay manufacturers have no plan, direction or identity

Another NFL trading deadline passed as the Green Bay Packers sat on their hands instead of picking up the phone. They’ve made the classic move of sending in low ball bids to be publicly “in the mix” in trade talks, but there’s been no real effort being made to improve a team that is supposed to be involved in “everything”.

It is a story as old as time. Packer fans are used to being disappointed, while 31 other teams could mock their fan base for having won only two Super Bowls in their three decades of dominating quarterback. Soon, the dominance of the center will fade, as will the optimism of returning Lombardy to Title Town.

The Green Bay Packers are an organization with no plan, no direction, no identity, and no leader.

Green Bay Packers have no plan, direction, or identity for the NFL Trade Deadline
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Green Bay Packers Silent on NFL Trade Deadline

This season, the Green Bay Packers replaced All-Pro wide receiver Davante Adams for the first and second round picks. With no real effort to replace the empty talent with a credible and proven talent in the NFL, the organization’s ego once again took the lead, believing that they could find and shape the next superstar despite having very little success in the past and evidence of doing so. this is.

Even if the right player is drafted and there is a coaching staff in place to make the players better, the organization still talks that the NFL has a learning curve while also preaching that they will share “everything” to win the Super Bowl. Of course, we know these are two opposing ideas even though many “owners” Packers eat this blindly.

Now, we’re stuck talking about the same things in November that we discussed last year at the Lombardi Sweep. The Packers need help with their receiving legion. The offensive line has big question marks. The Cornerback Room is greatly overrated, and there’s almost no depth anywhere on this team.

This list is in no way close to resembling a championship contender. However, the front office must maintain public appearance in order to keep hope alive for the brain-dead fan group, so the team also cannot take steps to prepare for the future, causing the NFL deadline to fall silent.

It’s the hope that kills you

Green Bay Packers fans, I’m talking to you. Quote “It’s the quote that kills you” from him Ted Lasso As true now as ever. Yes, Coach Laso will tell you that he believes in hope. Believes in faith. However, he does not believe in the leadership of the Green Bay Packers; Nobody does.

This is a comfortable front desk. While the Packers have been on the decline since 2020, front office and head coach Matt LaFleur has received extensions this season. With no owner to put the hammer and make instant change, their jobs are safe. Since their jobs are secure, there are absolutely no reasons for them to “fully work” as they said. They don’t want to sacrifice the future in order to win now. They want to improve the team and raise the bar a year or two before their contracts expire, because that gives them the best chance of another extension.

Brian Gutekunst said two years ago that his decisions and draft picks are being made with a two- to three-year plan. He continues to look forward several years, because that means security. That was why he had no plan to craft the best direct players. I searched for potential. Yes, it could manifest itself in two or three years, which hopefully will help him get another extension.

If you had pinned hope on previous classes to be team makers to make this team championship-level, by now you must realize that hope is killing you.

Green Bay Packers Fantasy Football Team Names for 2022
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What does Green Bay Packers look like in 2023?

After a day like today and a month like October, it makes sense to start looking for the next year. What does 2023 look like for the Green Bay Packers?

Packers Cap Space 2023

As of now, the Green Bay Packers’ cap for the 2023 season is $2.37 million, which ranks 24th in the NFL. There will be contracts restructured to be capped, and possibly some cap losses, but the Packers won’t have enough room to make the hype needed to change this team right away. Instead, they are likely to hope that the draft will help with this matter. Are you picking up what frustrates me?

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Free Packing Agents 2023

Here are upcoming free agents for Green Bay Packers. Obviously, these players don’t currently count toward the Packers cap space, which is already in red.

  • Adrian Amos, S
  • Randall Cobb, WR
  • Dean Lowry, Di
  • Mason Crosby, K
  • Allen Lazard, WR
  • Robert Tonian, TE
  • Garan Reid, D
  • Mercedes Lewis, TE
  • Sammy Watkins, WR
  • Elgton Jenkins, OL
  • Dalene Levitt, S
  • Jonathan Ford, S
  • Kessian Nixon, CB
  • Tyler Davis, RI
  • Caleb Jones, OT
  • Chris Barnes, LB
  • Patrick Taylor, right-back
  • Tiba Galle, Di
  • Young Nijman, or T

How do we feel, Packers fans? Adrian Amos, Elgton Jenkins, and Allen Lazard are all completely free to walk.

Notable Mobilization Contracts 2023

Aaron Rodgers ($31.6 million)

Aaron Rodgers has the biggest cover achieved next season, and rightfully so. With more than $27 million in these bonuses, the money can be moved around. Expect something to happen with his contract, if he goes back to playing football.

David Bakhtiari ($29.1 million)

David Bakhtiari has a potential on his contract this season, but he will leave Green Bay with a $23.1 million fixed cap as he has been instrumental in restructuring his contract multiple times. Thank goodness the Packers freed up space for signings this season, by the way. That went to good use.

At 31, it would be amazing to see what David Bakhtiari does, especially with his knee continuing to give him some problems. However, if he does come back to play, they should extend him and put some blank years in his contract to clear some space.

Aaron Jones ($20 million)

While Aaron Jones is an incredible footballer, it was this contract that I said didn’t make any sense when it was signed. I would have been wrong if the packers traded it today, but it didn’t. Now, the 28-year-old running back, who plays on a split back court with a second-round draft pick, has a $20 million cap.

There is a deal in Jones’ contract worth $9.58 million. Whether they cut Aaron Jones or extend him, something will be done to hold him. He won’t get $20 million for the cap, unless Green Bay isn’t actively competing.

Unpacked Packers Green Bay

As you can see, the Green Bay Packers have organized several of their contracts and cap space all to go in the past two seasons. However, they turned around and took steps to prepare for the future instead of winning in the present.

With no clear identity, direction, leader or goal, this team is in trouble. Many were hoping the Green Bay Packers would win this season as the other teams rebuild. Instead, the Packers were left doing nothing, disguised as something, and hope about that team is officially dead.

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