Fouzia Madhouni, an NFL intern in the Global Sports Mentoring Program

When did you start we can Morocco? How did the organization grow?

It has grown incredibly compared to many organizations in Morocco. Before the NFL documentary, we only had one academy we could. Now we have two academies for girls and boys in Morocco. We learn through sports, we offer English and French courses, driving lessons and other things. Also, we’ve launched a program called the No Barriers Project, where we provide children with Down syndrome access to flag football.

We now aim to give girls in rural areas access to sponsor football as a competitive outlet, but we also want to help raise awareness of things that are taboo to discuss in Morocco, like sexual harassment, and make sure they know when something isn’t going on.” t right. We want to give them a safe space.

This is really great work. What is your ultimate goal for your organization?

I want to expand my business all over Morocco. Our ten year vision is to have an organization similar to We Can Morocco in Egypt and all over the African continent. That is the goal now, and we hope to be able to expand to the Middle East as well.

Last year, I worked with the Egyptian Federation of American Football to organize the first-ever soccer tournament in Africa called the Women’s African Flag Cup. That was after I finished my first cancer treatment. There were four teams in the tournament – two Egyptian teams, Al Nosour Sports Club, the Cairo Bears and the Moroccan Jaguar, and one American team, the Philadelphia Phantoms.

It was really emotional for me, but it was amazing. Instead of seeing football as a player from the sideline, I knew I wanted to watch it from above and help organize and lead. We have already explored our mission and vision for academies that we can clearly post that tournament.

When and how did you learn that you would be part of the US Department of State and espnW’s Global Sports Mentoring Program? What was your reaction to the news?

About a year ago, I was in Morocco and got a call from the US Embassy in Morocco, and they told me that I had been nominated to represent women’s sports for Morocco in the Global Sports Mentoring Program. Lots of people were nominated and somehow I got selected.

My first experience with the software was through Gatorade and it was hypothetical. This was the first time I had contact with NFL, NFL International, NFL Films, etc. They have become a great source of support for me during this mentoring program.

This year, I received an email from the program saying that I would be mentored by the NFL and the Green Bay Packers and that it would be in person. I actually jumped in happiness when I read it because it is an honor and a dream to be mentored by one of the largest sports organizations in the world. I am very happy to be here, and I learned a lot about the NFL. I’ve also learned about some life-affecting initiatives, including mine.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned during the past two weeks in Green Bay and New York?

I never knew Green Bay Packers was a publicly owned organization, and I was very impressed with the work the Packers do in the community. I was able to train at Packers camp to connect with football, and I enjoyed every moment because it was really for the kids, and that’s what I do in Morocco.

It inspired me a lot, and I have a lot of respect for the organization and what they do as a football team and in the community. It was cold, but I really enjoyed it. I would go back but maybe in the summer.

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