Amp and Formula 1 announce new ‘Fast and loose’ radio shows

Amp, Amazon’s new live radio app, will debut their new F1 exclusive show fast and loose During this weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix as part of an all-new partnership with F1.

fast and loose It will include a live and interactive post-race show hosted by actor and comedian Will Arnett (host Sartlesa star stunted developmentAnd the Bojack Horseman), as well as a simultaneous live broadcast show hosted by Michelle Biddle (What do I miss?And the ESPN) and The Kid Mero (Disus and Miro).

Amp can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and F1 content can be listened to instantly on Alexa-enabled devices by asking: “Alexa, play F1 on Amp.”

Amp will premiere its new F1 programming with Quick and loose side view With Beadle and The Kid Mero on Sunday, before Arnett hosts Team Another quick and loose offer After the Belgian Grand Prix itself – with Formula 1 Champion Mika Hakkinen plus Katie Osborne to join in for a one-of-a-kind tour of the race, chat with drivers and calls from listeners.

“Like many other Americans, I’ve recently become obsessed with Formula 1,” Arnett said. “They wouldn’t let me drive, so instead, I’ll be getting calls directly from the sidelines.

“I am very excited to start on my real path in life – sports commentary – and with some great talent by my side, we are getting into everything in Formula 1 with a sense of humor, a love of sports and of course, some hot games.”

The Quick and loose side view Race time will start every day while racing Another offer He will start in the Amp once the race is over. Features and features from on-demand racing coverage will be available after each race weekend on all audio streaming services, ad-free for Wondery+ subscribers and on Amazon Music.

“With Amp, F1 fans in the US can now interact” with the races in an entirely new way, bringing the fan experience beyond the track, said Ian Holmes, Director of Media Rights and Content Creation for Formula 1. ”

Matt Sander, Head of Business and Operations at Amp, added: “Formula 1 is without doubt one of the most popular sporting events in the world and has revolutionized the United States. Now, Amp will be the preeminent destination for live and interactive racing commentary and entertainment analysis, with voices he knows Already fans and love it.

fast and loose It highlights what makes the Amp so special – the magic of live feedback from incredible talent, which F1 fans taking part in the show are so excited about. Whether you are new to F1 or have seen Mika [Hakkinen] Racing, you will laugh, cry and scream along with the races on the Amp.”

Formula One World Championship

Two-time world champion Mika Hakkinen will appear on the show
Amp can be downloaded in . format The US iOS App Store is here. Fans can also access F1 content on Amp on Alexa-enabled devices by asking, “Alexa, play F1 on Amp.”

To find out more, head over to Amp . site.

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