Rangers are delighted to see Vincent Trochek and Artemi Banarin working well together ahead of the 2022 season

Vincent Trochek was Chris Drury’s biggest free agent takeover off the season. After signing a seven-year deal worth $39,375,000 two months ago, the final question arose as to how Trocheck would fit in with one of the game’s most talented offensive players.

After only two days of camp, the relationship between Artemi Panarin and Vincent Trocheck is already beginning to blossom on the ice.

“They talk a lot and have fun there.” Gerard Gallant told AMNY after training. “They talk a lot. I love the way they work.”

Trochek had previous experience playing under Gallant while the two were part of the Florida Panthers in early 2010. His previous third-round pick had been two of the best seasons when Turk was leading the lead. This experience and familiarity has really suited the new addition really well.

“It was great. I’m having a blast. The organization is incredible. A Turkish presence in the past, it’s a familiar atmosphere. Just ready to start.” Trushik said.

As Trocheck and Panarin continue to work together, it was noted that the skills of both players fit each other well. Panarin finished fourth in the entire National Hockey League in assists last season along with the likes of Ryan Strom and other players.

For Trocheck, pairing up with one of the game’s best players clearly suits him well for a potential career year.

“He’s a great hockey player. He’s a next level passerby. He thinks the game is really good and it’s just about adapting to his game and basically finding the open areas.” Trocheck has been added.

The former Panther and Hurricane star has not scored more than 30 goals in six seasons, but his importance to the team is not limited to just scoring. Rangers were in the middle of the group in most scoring stats last season as players like Andrew Cobb helped Frank Vatrano and Ryan Strom through the trading deadline. But those players are gone, and the production that was left with their departure at free agency is now in the hands of players like Trocheck.

The new pairing of Panarin and Trocheck stars is expected to increase the chances of scoring for the latest Ranger and anyone paired with them in the second line.

“It’s just about finding each other whenever we open, and if the shot is there, take it and if it’s not, regroup and find each other,” Troshik explained.

The stats don’t always match the being on the ice that we feel when number 16 is on the ice. As a puck shooter, defender and manager, there is little in the league more complete than what Rangers just got. His head coach is knowledgeable about the work ethic that makes the Pittsburgh native a major addition to the club.

“Troshik is a hardworking worker. He has been known for this throughout his career. He is in great shape and two panaries are having fun and they are both working on their tails.” Galant finished.

With the New York Rangers continuing to move through training camp, and pre-season, the relationship between Vincent Trochek and Artemi Panarin could be the difference between the Rangers being a contender for the trophy, and just a regular team.

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