Moonshot and event includes four legends

The content overload continues today in Diamond Dynasty with another staggered roster of cards and updates. The new and event Moonshot is a minor twist on the other programs with some missions, then we get Headliners Set 48 Finest Trevor Hoffman, the new Topps Now cards, and some other XP points for Legends of the Franchise.

Moonshot event

The important thing about this Moonshot event is that you get points for Moonshot with every win, and then you will also get four rewind packs with enough wins as well. There are no new players in the event itself. You don’t need to play the event at all in order to unlock all the rewards in the Moonshot program, but looking at the program specifics, I would say that ripping through some of the lucrative events might end up being easier than doing some of the chores running the missions.

  • any hitters
  • common jugs
  • 3-half games
  • All-star difficulty
  • Free entry (as always)


  • 1 win – 500 XP
  • 2 wins – 2000 seeds
  • 3 wins – rewind event pack (select players), 1500 XP
  • 8 wins – headline set 48 pack
  • 10 Wins – Rewind Event Pack (select players), 2000 XP
  • 15 Wins – Rewind Event Pack (Choose 2 players), 2000 XP
  • 18 Wins – Ballin’ Is A Habit Bundle, 1500 XP
  • 20 Wins – Rewind Event Pack (Choose 2 players), 2500 XP
  • 25 Victories – All-Star 2022 Game Pick Pack, 2500 XP
  • 27 Wins – 2022 Home Run Derby Pick Pack, 1500 XP
  • 30 Wins – Juicy Set 1 Selection Pack, 2500 XP
  • 35 Wins – Offer Pack (x5), 3000 XP
  • 40 Wins – Offer Pack (x5), 3500 XP
  • 45 Wins – Offer Pack (x5), 4500 XP
  • 50 Wins – Ballin’ Out Of Control (x3) Pack, 5000 XP

Moonshot برنامج

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  • Best Billy Williams
  • Milestone Harmon Kelibro
  • Best Troy Glass
  • Best Gary Sheffield

Holly Gary Sheffield. All of these players bring strength, but Sheffield is the ultimate bonus and the stats he has are rather impressive. The thing with him is that 70’s is probably more than he might ever deserve, and you can get 80+ speed with him in P5, so he’s really more complete than you’d really expect any Gary Sheffield to be. After Sheffield, I’ve always liked the ultimate powerful Killebrew cards, and Troy Glaus was a favorite of many earlier this year. I’ve never clicked on a Billy Williams card, but he also has a nice looking stat streak. All in all, a nice win in terms of rewards.

Moonshot event wins

  • Earn 2 points each time

Moonshot moments

Each moment is worth 5 points

  • Sweet Swingin’ Billy
    • Difficulty: Beginner
    • Hit 2 home runs
  • Big Boss Gloss
    • Difficulty: Beginner
    • Hit 2 home runs
  • Harmon Hammer
    • Difficulty: Beginner
    • Hit 2 home runs
  • chef kiss
    • Difficulty: Beginner
    • Hit 2 home runs

Moonshot missions

Each task is worth 5 points

  • HRs with Finest – Next 20 home runs with the best players
  • HR with Milestone – Next 20 home runs with Milestone players
  • HRs with Home Run Derby – Tally 20 home runs with Home Run Derby players
  • HRs with Switch Hitters – Tally 20 works at home with Switch Hitters
  • HRs with Left Handed Hitters – Tally 20 Home runs with Left Handed Hitters
  • HRs with Right Handed Hitters – Tally 20
  • HRs with Low Power Hitters – Tally 5 Runs the house with players who have less than 75 strength
  • HRs with Speedsters – Next 5 runs the house with players who have at least 95 speeds
  • HRs with Tall Kings – Tally 20 runs at home with players 6 feet 4 feet tall or taller
  • HRs with Short Kings – Tally 20 home runs with players who are 5 feet 10 feet tall or shorter
  • HRs with Old Guys – Run Tally 10 at home with players 35 and older
  • HRs with All-Star – Tally 20 runs at home level on All-Star difficulty
  • HRs on Hall of Fame – Tally 10 works on Hall of Fame difficulty
  • HRs with Glaus – Tally 5 runs the house with the best Troy Glaus
  • HRs with Williams – Tally 5 runs the house with Finest Billy Williams
  • HRs with Killebrew – Tally 5 runs the house with Milestone Harmon Killebrew


  • 10 points – 500 seeds, diamond pitch sound
  • 15 Points – 2022 Home Run Derby Choice Package
  • 20 Points – Presentation Pack (x 5)
  • 25 points – 1 balin pack is usually (x5)
  • 30 points – Best Billy Williams
  • 35 Points – 45 Pack Leaderboard
  • 40 points – 2500 seeds, diamond pitch sound
  • 45 Points – 2022 Home Run Derby Choice Package
  • 50 Points – 2022 All-Star Game Pick Pack
  • 55 Points – Five Player Toolbox Pick Pack
  • 60 pts – Milestone Harmon Killibro
  • 65 Points – Leaderboard 46 Pack
  • 70 points – 2500 seeds, diamond profile icon
  • 75 Points – Ballin’ Out Of Control Pack
  • 80 points – 2500 seeds
  • 85 Points – Super Players Collection 47 Packs
  • 90 Points – Best Troy Glaus
  • 95 points – juicy set 1 of a selection
  • 97 points – 5000 seeds, diamond bat skin
  • 100 points – Vincent Gary Sheffield

Headlines set 48 finest Trevor Hoffman

Headlines set 48 finest Trevor Hoffman

With Finest Trevor Hoffman, you’ll basically get a Takashi Okazaki version with a few bumps to H/9, K/9, BB/9, as well as better overall control of his pitches. I was a huge fan of the Okazaki version so I’m with this one, but you don’t get anything different to change your mind here if you’re dealing with your thoughts on it. It’ll be the same shooter it was earlier this year, so either you want the upgraded version or you don’t.

Also worth mentioning here is The Headliners Set 47 Finest JR Richard since it was released this week. This card really impressed me when I saw it, so it might be worth a shot in your rotation.


Keep up the strong streak MLB Presentation For the past couple of weeks on the content front, Moonshot should have been a hit overall. People usually like to do a Moonshot event (at least compared to other events), although I’m generally a minority and don’t really like it that much. However, even if you do have a blast at the event, it will probably be worth doing some gaming because you’ll still be doing some running around the house and getting some errands out of the way.

Both cards of this week’s headlines are worth a look for scope, but I think only JR Richard is worth a second look if your mind has already made up its mind on Hoffman. JR Richard looks like a tangible upgrade, while I think the Hoffman Card is pretty comparable to Takashi Okazaki’s version.

Finally, be sure to note that all of these Moonshot bonus players can also be collected for XP in Legends of the Franchise.

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