Marlins 10, Cubs 3: This space was intentionally left blank

This would have been a good game to write one of my do-it-yourself summaries, but I didn’t feel able to do that. Or just write “The Cubs lost to the Marlins 10-3” and nothing else.

But you came here for a synopsis of the previous Cubs game, and although this one is going to be short (mercifully), you’ll get one.

The Cubs actually had the lead in this game. Christopher Morell finished with two in the third game [VIDEO].

This race, and Muriel’s first since August 30, has come a long way:

The next hitter, Zach McKinstry, took a hit. Doubled by Ian Hap in [VIDEO].

This was a 39 double hab. Once again and will have his first 40-fold season by the Cub since Javier Páez had 40 in 2018. The last Cub to have a 40-fold was Anthony Rizzo, who doubled 43 times in 2016.

The 2-0 lead did not last long. All they needed was to win five Marlins runs, and four of those runs were not gained due to a mistake by Morell. If not? Well, we are probably talking about a different game. But she did, and she helped take the big win over Brian De La Cruz. It was the second time in de la Cruz’s career – both outside the Cubs Monument. The other was last year off Adbert Alzolay.

The Marlins added a pair on Miley’s 4th before David Ross merciful and lifted him up after 74 throws.

The Cubs put an extra game on the board in the fifth inning. Michael Hermosillo advanced with a picnic, one later scored two goals from McKinstry [VIDEO].

Jeremiah Estrada threw two rounds without goals, so that’s fine. Marlins added one seventh place finish from Michael Rucker and two more eighth place ones from Rowan Wick, and Wick has had a rough run lately – giving him a 6.75 ERA and 2,167 WHIP over his last 13 appearances. I’m starting to wonder if he’ll be a useful assistant for this team in 2023. Wake isn’t young – he turns 30 in November – and I think the Cubs can find better painkillers on the open market or maybe even in the system.

That’s all I have here, except I wonder why Rucker and Erich Uelmen were used in this game after throwing 23 (Rucker) and 27 (Uelmen) pitches on Sunday. I realize Ross doesn’t have a lot of good options after two straight games where the number one player didn’t come out in the fourth, but you don’t want to burn those guys’ arms either.

The Cubs will try it again Tuesday night in Miami. Adrian Sampson will start with Cubs and Pablo Lopez will receive Marlins’ invitation. It’s time to play again at 5:40pm, and TV coverage will be via the Marquee Sports Network.

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