“I’m not sure if anything is planned today at the track or in the NFL but never forget” – Bubba Wallace, Kurt Busch and others scribbled NASCAR’s reactions to 9/11

Although 21 years have passed, no one has forgotten the tragedy of September 11, 2001. This weekend, the NASCAR Cup race took place at Kansas Speedway and it coincided with the anniversary of the tragic attack.

Naturally, many NASCAR fans have taken to Twitter to praise this special day and weekend. For the community itself, it has been a difficult year indeed, considering Dale Earnhardt’s death earlier that year. So the 9/11 terrorist attacks added a lot to the devastation.


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Apparently many NASCAR fans were in range National mood of the day. Everyone knows they will never forget that dark day in American history, and they will continue to honor them.


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How did the NASCAR Cup race play at Kansas Speedway?

It’s worth noting that the Kansas Speedway authorities have a special honor planned. Here, there was a display of dog tags from every single service member who has joined the armed forces since 9/11. Coming to the race itself, it was Bubba Wallace who came out victorious. This time, he was driving the #45 car, having swapped his #23 car for the #45 car. This move was to make sure the #45 car had a chance to accumulate points in the Owener Championship fight.

September 11, 2022; Kansas City, Kansas, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace (45) drives driver Brad Kiselowski (6) through the Hollywood 400 Casino at Kansas Speedway. Mandatory credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Wallace was very happy to win the race, especially on such an important day for America. In addition, team owner and fellow Toyota driver, Denny Hamlin, was also pleased with him. Hamlin did his best to catch his driver but eventually had to settle for second. Meanwhile, Bubba Wallace enjoyed his second career win in the NASCAR Cup Series.


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