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Oliver Berman finished third in his rookie season of FIA Formula 3 with one race win to his name.

Berman on the podium in the penultimate race of the season at Monza (Image source: Getty Images)

The PREMA Racing driver climbed onto a double podium at Monza to conclude his season but lost for the title by just seven points.

After the season ended, FormulaNerds spoke to Bearman about the title winner, junior season, and his plans for next year.

Chapter title at the end of the week

With the final weekend of the Formula 3 season approaching, Berman finished fourth in the standings behind Victor Martins, Isaac Hajjar and Roman Stanek. While Martins went on to win the title, Zane Maloney jumped forward to finish second, with Berman taking third.

Bearman qualified sixth but came second in both races at Monza. He told FormulaNerds about the weekend and how he entered the field.

“Qualifying was really tough, I couldn’t get my perfect lap. Obviously it’s going to be tough with this flowing fest. You know, I felt like I had a really solid pace, which I was able to show in the races.

“I was really fast yesterday, fighting to win, and I almost did. But then today was kind of the same story, I was able to fight to the top, fight for the win, and I just couldn’t quite make it. But overall it was a holiday Positive weekend.”

In both races, Berman selected the drivers to make his way to second, coming from seventh in the sprint race The sixth feature.

Bearman 3 . formula
Berman congratulated Martins on the title after the final race (Image source: Getty Images)
The final race

in The last race of the seasonthe PREMA driver had made his way to Maloney, who was leading the race, on lap 14. He overtook the Trident car, but it was off the track and had to put the place back.

Two laps later, the red flag came up and the race never resumed. Maloney won the race with Bearman in second, while Martins took the title. Had Bearman passed Maloney, he would have finished second in the championship.

“I mean, there are a lot of things that need to be achieved in this case,” Berman commented. “But in the end, I think I needed a lot of things to get my way today. Some of them didn’t, which is unfortunate.

“The incident with Zane, he was fighting me really hard, that’s kind of in his nature to be very aggressive. I felt like I was way ahead of the top, but obviously the stewards didn’t do anything. But it’s not a problem, that’s not why I lost the championship this year, so no hard feelings.” “.

Season Highlights

It’s over Berman, not only 3rd place in the tournament, but before all of his more experienced colleagues. It was a close fight between the three Prima drivers, but in the end, Berman finished 18 points clear of Arthur Leclerc, and 23 points ahead of Jack Crawford.

He has one race win, with seven podiums above that. He also managed the remarkable feat of being on the podium twice, not once, but twice.

Bearman 3 . formula
Prema Racing takes the F3 Teams Championship (Image Source: Getty Images)

Berman recounted all these accomplishments when asked about the highlights of his rookie year in Formula 3, saying, “Of course the win in Spa, as well as the double podium at Spa. The podium at Silverstone was really great, although it wasn’t the win. I think there’s another lap to win at Silverstone. Silverstone, but it was nice to stand there in front of the home fans. And then of course also this weekend the podium was a highlight too.”

But not everything was so successful for Berman in his first year. Also talk about what he’s learned and how he’s improved throughout the season.

“I think I’ve improved a lot in how I do the races. It sounds stupid, but I think at the beginning of the year I was so desperate, going in every stride possible. Now I let the race come to me because people make mistakes, and I feel like I did a better job taking advantage of other people’s mistakes. Instead of making mistakes myself.

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“Then, of course, I was getting better at qualifying and tire management, but that’s the kind of thing that will come with more laps, so it’s a given.”

Plan ahead

Whatever Bearman does next season, he has a good foundation in his rookie season in Formula 3. If he stays in this category for another year, he will be ready to challenge a more mature title. If he moves into Formula 2, he will have a successful year in Formula 3 under his belt.

He told FormulaNerds he doesn’t know what his plans are yet, but feels ready for next season.

“Of course, the momentum is good mentally, for me to show that I was fighting up front with the best drivers. So, that’s nice, I don’t know what I’m going to race next year, but it will definitely give me confidence in whatever championship I do.”

Notably, Bearman is not in Formula 3 testing this week. That doesn’t mean he won’t be racing in Formula 3 next season, but it could give an idea of ​​what Prima might hope to do with him.

In terms of his winter vacation plans, Bearman wants to take it easy.

“First of all, I think I’m not going to do anything for a good two weeks. I have some simulation work on hold, so that’s supposed to keep me busy and alert. But I think I’ll have a relaxing winter break, get back to my training routine after two weeks, and then wait for my plans or announcements.” for the next year.”

It may take some time for Bearman’s plans for next season to be announced. Formula 2 has two months to go until its season ends, at which point things will start to slow down for many of these drivers.

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