Roundup: Conferences define boys’ golf champions

The Western Buckeye Association, Northwest Conference, and Northwest Central Conference named Boys Golf Thursday Champions.

WBL Championship

Celina – After playing 9-0 in the league double, Van Vert won the team title in a fifth-record playoff against St. Marys after every 334 shot at par 71 Northmore Golf Course.

Blake Bohyer (80), Griff McCracken (83), Keaton Foster (84), TJ Stoller (87) and Sam Houg (94) combined for the overall win.

Bath won a fifth-score playoff against Shawnee for third after every 349 shot. Deviance (352), Ottawa Glendorf (357), Elida (361), Wapakoneta (363), Selena (371) and Kenton (373) finished fifth. Tenth in a row…

Major League Player of the Year Carson Harmon of Elida earned a medal with a score of 71.

St. Mary’s Brennan Steiger (77), Selena Nick Steinbrunner (78), Bath Braden Binkley (82), Ottawa Glendorf’s Ty Verhoff (83), Shawnee Seth Grechup (84), Wapakoneta’s Zach Nikamp (83) and Kenton Landon Plowger (91) They had low rounds to their schools.

Joining Harmon on the first-team league are Foster, Steinbrunner, Niekamp, ​​Grieshop, Binkley, Verhoff, Bohyer, Wapak’s Austin West, St. Marys’ Lennon Cisco and Defiance’s Aidan Kiessling. Kim Doidge of Van Vert was Coach of the Year.

NWC Championship

VAN WERT – Leipsic has won the championship and overall championships with an average of 72 Hickory Sticks Golf Club.

The Vikings finished with a total of 347 followed by Delphos Jefferson (350), Lincolnview (351), Bluffton (364), Crestview (374), Spencerville (378), Columbus Grove (383), Allen East (388), and Ada (521).

Leipzig’s player of the year Brevin Brandt won a medal playoff against Delphos Jefferson’s Isaac Galmer after every 80 shot.

Nick Schroeder (86), Adam Lammers (90) and Diego Lomelli (91) all contributed to the Vikings’ win total.

Bluffton’s Jaden Coonfare (80), Allen East’s Levi Clum (84), Crestview’s Matthew Daley (85), Lincolnview’s Dane Ebel (85), Columbus’ Grove Isaac Riker (88), Spencerville’s Owen Sensabaugh (91) and Ada’s Geddes Klingler (105) They got low grades for their schools.

Joining Brandt on the all-conference first team is Confair, Galmeier, Klum, Schroeder, Deeley and Grant Glossett of Lincolnview. Leipzig’s Kevin Brandt was Coach of the Year.

NWCC Championship

KENTON – The three-course final was played to determine all conference honors at 72nd Memorial Park Golf Course.

Chase Dunston of Winsfield Jochen finished second, 84th behind Elgin’s Isaac Dillon (79), who was named Player of the Year. Temple Christians Quentin Waters (93), Hardin Northern Preston Grapey (97) and Ridgemont’s Devan Ramsay (100) all had low rounds for their schools. No title was awarded to the team.

Hardin Northern’s Justin Thiel and Don Callahan join Dillon, Dunston Waters and Grapey in the first team of the conference. Hardin Northern’s Brennon Hattry was named Coach of the Year.

Miller City 168,

Antwerp 188

OTTAWA – Medalist Jesse Lammers (40), Judd Otto (42), Will Otto (43) and Thomas Weiss (43) combined for a total of 36 Moose Landing Country Club winners.

Coldwater 165, Fort Laurami 176

Keegan Brugman got 40, Keaton Bronze and Ben Jerry per shot 41 and Tyler Offerman got 43 for Coldwater.

golf girls

Coldwater 184,


Co-medalists Jordan Himmelgarn (40), Natalie Ashbow (43), Kennedy Foskol (47) and Alyssa Steinke (54) combined in the winning total.

Where to track Invitational

Wayne Trace (191) won the team title at Pleasant Valley Golf Course, followed by Selina (195), Parkway (202), Miller City (214), Lincolnview (224), Antwerp (240), Delphos Jefferson (249) and The Challenge (250) ).

Chelsea Erford of Miller City has 41 medals. Selina beat Maddy Flick (42) and Zoe Tracy of Lincolnview (44), Madison Louth of The Parkway (47) and Kaitlin Gittenhoff (55) of Delphos Jefferson (55).

boys soccer

Autofill – 11, Allen East – 0

Grant Liss and Keelen Schlagbaum each scored three goals, Preston Mansfield scored a pair, and Tre Landwer, Quinton Schnebeck and Alex Lee had a single goal.

New Knoxville 2,

Verlon 2

Sydney – Andrew Level had assists, Jay Schroeder and Jay Waterman each scored, and goalkeeper Preston Rochelling made nine saves for Newcastle.

Ottawa-Glandorf 5,

Van Wert 0

Ottawa – Jaden Coleman had three assists and an assist, Isaac Mackie had a pair of numbers, Jaden Oliver had two assists, and Cash Hoermann and Anthony Kahli each had assists.

girls soccer

Continental 4, Crestview 0

Bryn Tegenkamp scored two goals and a pair of assists, Alli Scott and Olivia Crossgrove both scored, Mya Bishop contributed one assist and Marissa Becher made four saves to win the goal.

Alien East 4, Singles 2

Calida – Allen East’s Aubrey Young and Calida’s Audra Hofst scored twice. Reagan Emrick got a tally and Livia Rieker and Meredith Buckrath of Calida got help.

Anna 3, Coldwater 1

Cold Water – Leah Kaiser was Coldwater’s target.

Brian 1, Bath 0

Bath players Killa Bailey and Carmen Konkelmann combined for five saves on goal.

Bluffton 7, Delphus Jefferson 0

Sammy Scholes scored three goals and an assist, Jordan Schwingruber scored a goal and a pass, McKayla Schoengruber, Alison Diller and Jesse Crovis each scored one, Carson Hauenstein scored a assist, and Julia Mahaffey saved three saves by putting the ball into the goal.

tennis girls

Ottawa-Glandorf 5,

Kenton 0

KENTON – Singles players Megan Welch, Mya Inkatt and Maggie Schmiedebusch, and doubles teams Kayla Gerding, Lauren Niese, Kailin Vorst and Sarah Ellerbrock won.

Upper Sandusky 4,

Blufton 1

UPPER SANDUSKY – Brooke Camper of Bluffton won her first singles match.


Berry 3, Ridgemont 0

The Commodores won 25-7, 25-9, 25-11 to go to 9-4 overall and 4-0 in the Northwest Central Conference. Carly Dalton had seven aces and 14 assists, Lexina Lee had three aces, 14 kills and 10 assists, and Bryce James and Mary Horsten each had 13 aces for Perry.

Christian Temple 3

Winsfield-Jochen 0

The Pioneers won 25-5, 25-13, 25-10 to go to 13-3 overall and 3-0 in the NWCC.

Cecilia Wesham had 12 kills and five digs, Emily Pontrager has nine assists and five aces, Jessica Holloway has five yards and five digs, Juliette Kinnear has five aces, and Kylie Linhart has 11 assists and six pits for Christian Temple.

Lipsec 3,

Toledo Christian 0

The Vikings won 25-18, 26-24, 25-16. Danaysia Danzy had 12 kills, Kasey Brough had nine, Alivia Jones had 10 kills and 16 digs, Alaina Brown had 20 digs, Serenity Siefer had 39 assists and 10 digs for Leipsic.

Allen East 3, Ada 0

Mustang won 25-23, 25-12, 25-6

Savannah Brooks had four aces, Hannah Williams 37 assists, Kanzi Koontz 15 times and Soraya Jackson 11 kills for Allen East. Anna Conley had five kills, Courtney Sumner had 18 pits, Autumn Andreasen had 14 pits and 12 assists for Ada.

Marion Local 3,

Fort Recovery 0

Take back the fort – The Flyers won 25-17, 25-22, 25-19. Lydia Evert has 14 digs, Julia Muller 15 assists, Reagan Kramer 11 kills, Nora Eckstein 10 digs, and Natalie Evers 15 assists Marion Local.

Minster 3, New Knoxville 0

The Wildcats won 25-16, 25-18, 25-20. Lily Barhurst had 12 kills and 13 digs, Kayla Lamm had 10 kills, Brooklyn Osterioh had four smash kills, and Missy Bringer had 13 digs for Minster. Brian Egbert had 9 kills and five blocks, Adi Albers had 16 assists and five blocks, and Allie Top made nine hits for New Knoxville.

Crestview 3, Bluffton 0

Convoy – Knights won 25-10, 25-15, 25-13. Mia Itzler had 12 kills, Adelyn Figley had 11 kills, Cali Gregory had 32 assists, and Ellie Kline had 13 pits and three blocks for Crestview.

Kendall Stack’s house had seven kills, Isla Grande had six kills, Gracie Yarnell had 11 passes and eight pits, and Avery Talavinia had 11 pits for Bluffton.

Selena 3, Bath 1

The Bulldogs won 25-11, 20-25, 25-13, 25-11. Payton Burtek had 41 assists, Alison Schwitterman had 13 digs, Samantha Jenkins had 9 aces, Amelia Lutz 15, Miley Sapp 12 times and Brooklyn Bourne 10 kills for Selena.

Claire Faust had 11 kills and four blocks; Claire Armmenttrot had four kills, nine pits, nine assists and five aces for Bath.

Lincolnview 3, Spencerville 0

The Lancers won 25-12, 25-15, 25-19. McKayla Blankmeyer had nine kills, Carsen Lozer had seven, Brace Brickner had three smashes and 12 digs, Allie Miller had 10 kills, and Breck Evans had 23 assists to Lincolnview.

Alone 3, Arlington 1

The Wildcats won 25-16, 25-18, 13-25, 25-20. Malia Romes had 19 kills and seven total blocks, Brooke Erhart had 11 kills and five aces, Maria Gerding had 14 digs, and Whitney Unverferth had 13 digs for Calida.

Airsville 3, Continental 0

The pirate fell 25-17, 25-21, 25-16. Delaney Powers had eight kills, 13 holes and three solo blocks, Massey Cordes had eight kills and seven solo blocks, Teegan McDougall had 18 passes and nine solo blocks, Lauren Williams had eight hits, and Raygan Marshall had eight kills and three solo blocks in Continental.

St. Mary’s 3, Shawnee 1

The Roughriders won 25-17, 25-22, 17-25, 25-16. Brynn Clark had 15 kills, Halle Huston had 14 kills and 11 pits and reached 500 in her career, Syerra Greber had 10 kills, Lily Rammel had 11 digs and 41 assists, Ashlie had Nuss on 10 excavations for St. Mary’s.

Wapakoneta 3, Canton 0

WAPAKONETA – The Redskins won 25-17, 25-18, 25-16. Morgan Lions had six kills, Brinkley Heights had nine digs, Brian Butler had 17 diggers, Sadie Larrabee had six kills and five blocks, and Massey Hecthorne had seven kills and five blocks for Kenton.


men’s soccer

Albion 3, Bluffton 2

Bluffton – The Beavers dropped their first ever home game. Bluffton fell to 2-2-3 while Albion improved to 3-4-1 this season.

Bluffton jumped to a 1-0 lead in less than five minutes and took a 2-1 lead midway through the first half, but Albion’s quick equalizer combined with a set of Beaver yellow-card stops tied the score at 2-2 in the first half. rest time. With the hosts hit by a man in the entire 45th minute, a Briton’s 50th minute goal proved the difference on a cold Thursday night.

Junior Elijah Zimmerman put Bluffton ahead with less than five minutes to go before JJ Mayer’s team scored in the 23:38 minute 2-1 in favor of the good guys. However, Albion found the net three minutes later, and when Drew Arrasmith whistled for his second yellow card 60 minutes before play, the Beavers had to play 10 for the duration of the match.

Albion finished 12-5 on aggregate as the visitors forced six out of eight corner kicks. Dalton Tynor played a role in the Bluffton results, while Andrew Ireland and Maxwell Kennedy scored assists each.

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