Pujols’ singles in the seventh game to break Snell’s unsuccessful attempt

The Cardinals’ magic number for snatching NL Central remained at six. They have 12 games left in the regular season.

San Diego – Wednesday Game Report: Padres 1, Cardinals 0

After a long drought, the Cardinals entered the seventh inning on Wednesday night in an effort to accomplish something other than scoring a run.

They were just trying to get a hit.

It took until two rounds in the seventh inning before Albert Pujols broke up an unsuccessful attempt by Blake Snell. They got another hit from their nest racket, Juan Ypez, but didn’t score a closing run for the third game in a row.

This ties into the longest closing streak in franchise history, for the sixth time that has happened, and the third time since 1976. The last time the Cardinals failed to score in three consecutive games was the last three in 2015.

In addition to being goalless for 27 consecutive rounds, the Cardinal has only scored one game in the last 43 rounds, and that came in the 11th game Saturday night when they started the game with a runner at second base.

The Cardinals’ magic number for snatching NL Central remained at six. They have 12 games left in the regular season.

Here’s how the game fell apart:

In the dish: The Cardinal only had two players in the first six rounds against Snell, walking ahead to Nolan Arenado in the second round and once to Paul Goldschmidt in the fourth. Snell hit 13 balls and only allowed 3 balls into the field among the Cardinal’s first 20 knockouts… The last time the Cardinal hit 13 against the left was against Clayton Kershaw on June 29, 2014… Yepez only gave the Cardinal a scoring chance tonight but Paul Dejong Hit for the third time to finish the run… Pujols hit and came in second in two more of his rackets as he stayed at 698 pro players.

on the hill: Padres scored the only game in the second half from Miles Mikulas. The race was not won due to a mistake by Tommy Edman… Mikulas only allowed one hit during the last four rounds of action… Jake Woodford and Jojo Romero combined to keep the game 1-0 over the last two games.

Basic stats: In the last four games, covering 38 innings, the Cardinal has scored 14 hits on 121 bats, a collective average of 0.16. Only one of the hits was an extra baseball hit, double from Goldschmidt on Tuesday night.

not worth anything It was the 16th time the Cardinals had closed this season, the most in the National League, and their highest total in a single season since they were disqualified 19 times in 1995… Dakota Hudson activated from the cab team before the game and Packy was selected Naughton to join the Memphis, although he will remain with the team in California in the event that Ramy is injured. Hudson is expected to be used in the role that Jordan Hicks was filling until he was injured.

I look ahead: Jack Flaherty will start at 3:10 (central time) on Thursday which concludes the series.

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