Players and stats to watch during the 2022-23 Knicks season

The New York Knicks The 2022-23 campaign is nearing completion. Who among the team will improve this year? Who will back off? And who will step on the water? Here’s a quick rundown of players and stats to watch for the upcoming season.

RJ Barrett: PPG/FG%/FGA

It’s very tempting to expect Barrett, who is still only 22 and entering his fourth season, to make another offensive move this year. However, it would be hard to do with Jalen Brunson entering the picture.

While Bronson has experience playing with the ball Luka Dongic, the base obviously prefers playing with the ball in his hands, and as evidenced by last season’s playoffs, Jalen is incredibly good at those scenarios. Of the 34 players during the playoffs who went through 15 or more isolation shows, Bronson Rank 9th place in PPP (points per acquisition), which was better than some of the elite names in the game, such as Kevin DurantAnd the Devin BookerAnd the Jimmy ButlerAnd the Joel EmbiidAnd the Tra Young. And among the 34 players who own more than 30 of their holdings, Galen Rank Fifth in purchasing power parity.

With Bronson (probably) offered the keys to the crime during contract negotiations, and Julius Randle looking to bounce back, Barrett will struggle to get the same amount of shots as he did last year. It will be interesting to watch how many shots he gets, how effective he is with the addition of a playmaker like Bronson, and how many points he can average.

Julius Randle: Shooting ratios and rotation

With Randle, traditional count statistics are not a concern. He’s hovered around or surpassed 20 PPG in his last four seasons and in each of those years, he’s also managed to grab about nine rebounds per game.

Given the above improvements in Barrett and the acquisition of Brunson, Randle should play a less important role than he has in the last three seasons. The Knicks no longer need him to score 25 points every night just to stand a chance of winning.

What New York will need, however, is someone who won’t hurt the team and is very effective. Having a competent goalkeeper like Bronson Randle should help him find his points easier in attack without having to force the issue. This should result in him getting a much better look and should also save his energy, thus improving his efficiency in late play as well. It’s still a mystery how coach Tom Tebodeau will shape this offense, but there’s no doubt that adding Bronson should result in fewer ball-handling assignments for Randle, and hopefully that will mean fewer turnovers as well.

Galen Bronson: PPG / APG

The Knicks have struggled with sub-par starting point play for an incredibly long time, but they finally have a common ground they can trust and get excited about.

Gone are the days when fans were being watched Alec Burks Play off-site for 40 minutes, or watch Elfred Payton Single dumping of the offense. Bronson is a rising star who averaged 20.4 PPG and 7.5 APG in 17 games without Doncic last season. Now that he’s got a big contract and got the keys to the offense, there will be a lot of expectations on the young guard. Ultimately, how far the Knicks go will depend largely on Bronson’s ability as a scorer and playmaker.

Mitchell Robinson / Derek rose: Matches played

While Robinson and Rose aren’t as important to the Knicks and their success as any of the three men mentioned above, they are still essential pieces.

Robinson is a powerful elite threat to a team that loves to drive and one of the best tire protectors in the league. Rose, on the other hand, was one of the team’s best and most consistent players during his second spell in New York. Derek was one of the few Knicks to really try to push the pace, and his explosive scoring from the bench helps give the team a solid second unit. But Robinson and Rose can only contribute their skills if they are playing, and that was the biggest problem with these two.

While Robinson was in relatively good health last season, his physical style of play means he gets beaten up frequently. There is not much to be said about Rose and his injury history. If the Knicks are to win more than the 39.5 games they are expected to win, they will need both Mitchell and Derek to stay healthy.

Emmanuel Quikli / Obi Tobin: mpg

Probably the most discussed topic last season was how underused both Quickley and Toppin were. Even in the midst of a frustrating season that saw the team unable to deliver, Thebes inexplicably stuck with veterans and mostly refused to give the sophomores a bigger role until very late in the season.

With Obi and Emmanuel entering their third year, fans will want to know if the duo can build their strong end to last season, but they will need to give them a chance first. Thibodeau, who has always been tough on younger players, will be looking to win matches early and often, so there’s a good chance Quickley and Toppin will play relatively similar roles again.

As long as Randall and Evan Fournier In a team, it may be more than the same. This is frustrating because the team eventually decided to keep Quickley and Toppin in everything Donovan Mitchell. If New York is winning, there probably won’t be many complaints, but if the rookies perform poorly, expect to hear more anger about their playing time.

Isaiah Hartenstein: 15:00

Hartenstein may not have been a flashy signature, but he really should help Nicks.

Although his stats aren’t eye-catching at first glance, he posted a like for every 36 digits From 16.7 PPG, 9.8 RPG, 4.7 APG, 2.3 BPG, and 1.5 SPG on 62.6% shots from the field. It is a strong edge guard that has a higher edge Defensive square plus/minus From Rudy GobertAnd the Pam AdebayoAnd the Marcus SmartHe can switch well for his size, and has great playmaking skills for a seven-footer. However, a skill set that Knicks might find most useful is shooting.

While Hartenstein doesn’t lift many triples, he is pretty efficient when he shoots them. He only tried 30 last season but converted 14 of them, enough for 46.7%. His ability to drop outside shots in the center while providing a solid inside defense should be incredibly beneficial to the team, and should create more room for Randall, Barrett, Bronson, Quikley, Rose and Tobin. Hopefully Thibodeau will take advantage of this and enable him to shoot more than ever before in his career.

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