New Taipei hosts the World Cup for Taiwan

  • Written by Jason Bane/Staff Reporter

Next month, New Taipei will host two days of the “Taiwan World Cup” with the international community and foreign students organizing a tournament focused on cultural exchanges and friendships, as well as on-field competition.

Organizers said Thursday that 18 teams will attend the World Cup in Taiwan 2022 in the grounds of Fu Jin Catholic University on October 8 and 9, with teams representing Taiwan, other Asian countries and countries in the Americas, Africa and Europe.

They said the theme of the weekend was “One sport, one world.”

Photo courtesy of the Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association

There will be more than just a soccer game, with the festival of food and culture back on the sidelines, with stalls selling tacos, burritos, German sausages, Turkish meatballs and other international fare, along with dance, music and cultural performances representing more than 10 countries, organizers said.

“We want this annual football festival to attract more international attention,” said Koo Chia Yu (郭家佑), the event’s organizer, at a press conference in Taipei. “Moreover, playing football provides opportunities for Taiwanese to interact more closely with foreigners living in Taiwan.”

Diplomats from 10 of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies, Foreign Ministry officials and players attended Thursday’s briefing.

Koo, who founded the Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association, said visitors to Taiwan will have the opportunity to relive their fond memories of the matches and friends staying over the two days.

We hope that people in the international community who study or work in Taiwan will come home with “good experiences, friendly encounters and interesting stories about Taiwan to tell their friends and family, rather than just mentioning boba milk tea, stinky tofu, or Taipei 101,” she said.

The director of the Taiwan Football Development Association, Max Shih (石), said he has been promoting football through his organization for the past three decades.

Xie said the sport is “an international language and a way to get to know people from other countries.”

“The World Cup in Taiwan is the best way to achieve my goals,” he said. “My organization will help in every way to make this year a huge success. By doing so, we can share the magic of football and the passion for the game with friends from all over the world.”

Men’s and women’s teams compete for prizes with players representing Taiwan, Paraguay, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Eswatini, Saint Lucia, the United States, Italy, Spain and Haiti.

Companies including Sportcast, ETtoday and PTS will broadcast matches in Taiwan and abroad.

Event tickets are sold at the entrance or online at

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