NCAA Football Watch Guide – Week 4

I’m the type to have a bad habit of sometimes being afraid of the end of something good even while it’s still going on. While driving for a vacation, I find myself looking forward to the sense of loss that I will live on the same road heading home in the other direction. In a similar way, since we’re now a quarter of the way through the regular season, I can’t help but dread the ending. We wait through the holiday months with the kids anticipating Christmas Eve, but the holiday itself goes by very quickly.

Fortunately for us, this vacation spans twelve weeks, and we only have nine more weeks left. We’ve already dealt with some whirlwinds already this year, galore teasers, and enough swings to make M. Night Shyamalan nod in silent approval Teams lost the rankings, lost coaches, and lost hopes of playoffs, and that was just the first three weeks. I’m still amazed at the Appalachian State pulling another rabbit out of his hat one week after the Texas A&M team won. Meanwhile, Duke and Kansas must have made some Faustian deal to get to 3-0 and just lost ESPN College GameDay, who picked their 9445th trip to SEC country.

The season is already full of stories, and there are plenty of others yet to be written as we move into multiplayer. Who is ripe to be upset and who will lead the pack in the conference title race? The fourth week holds the answers.

Thursday, September 22

the match time (CT) Television flow
the match time (CT) Television flow
West Virginia @ Virginia Tech 6:30 pm ESPN WatchESPN
Coastal Carolina @ Georgia State 6:30 pm ESPN 2 WatchESPN
Chattanooga @ Illinois 7:30 PM BTN

Friday 23 September

the match time (CT) Television flow
the match time (CT) Television flow
Virginia @ Syracuse 6:00 pm ESPN WatchESPN
Nevada @ Air Force 7:00 pm FS1
Boise State @UTEP 20:00 CBSSN

Hi Hi! Thursday night football is back this week. West Virginia @ Virginia Tech is the transition to the game Power 5, and Coastal Carolina @ Georgia State It will probably provide some fireworks, with Chanticleers exceeding 30 points per game so far this year.

Friday’s games have a bit more steam, with the undefeated Orange looking to stay that way when they host Virginia at 6:00 p.m. Syracuse’s victory over Purdue last week was another end to the rollercoaster, although much of that came from firing Boilers at its foot with a howitzer. The other two games on Friday night, Nevada @ Air Force And the Boise State @UTEP They all feature G5 teams, but as we should know by now, these late G5 games could be where some really cool things happen.

to the main event.

Saturday 24 September

the match time (CT) Television flow
the match time (CT) Television flow
Kent State @ #1 Georgia 11:00 am SEC . network WatchESPN
Maryland @ #4 Michigan 11:00 am Fox
#5 Clemson @ #21 Wake Forest 11:00 am ABC WatchESPN
Central Michigan @ # 14 Pennsylvania 11:00 am BTN
#17 Baylor @Iowa 11:00 am ESPN 2 WatchESPN
Rhode Island @ #24 Pittsburgh 11:00 am ACC . network WatchESPN
Missouri @ Auburn 11:00 am ESPN WatchESPN
Bowling Green @ Mississippi 11:00 am SEC . network WatchESPN
TCU @SMU 11:00 am ESPN Yu WatchESPN
Duke @ KS 11:00 am FS1
South Florida @ Louisville 11:00 am ESPN 3 WatchESPN
Buffalo @ Eastern Michigan 11:00 am CBSSN
@ UCLA Colorado 1:00 pm PAC-12 . network
UMass @ Temple 1:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
Fordham @ Ohio 1:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
#20 fl @ #11 tn 2:30 pm CBS
#22 Texas @ Texas Tech 2:30 pm ESPN WatchESPN
Central Tennessee @ #25 Miami 2:30 pm ACC . network WatchESPN
Notre Dame @ North Carolina 2:30 pm ABC WatchESPN
Minnesota @ Michigan State 2:30 pm BTN
Indiana @ Cincinnati 2:30 pm ESPN 2 WatchESPN
James Madison @ Appalachian State 2:30 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
Toledo @ San Diego State 2:30 pm FS1
Florida International @ Western Kentucky 2:30 pm CBSSN
North Texas @ Memphis 2:30 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
Texas Southern @ UTSA 2:30 pm Unavailable Unavailable
#15 Oregon @ Washington State 3 o’clock Fox
Tulsa @ #16 Ole Miss 3 o’clock SEC . network WatchESPN
Georgia Institute of Technology @ UCF 3 o’clock ESPN Yu WatchESPN
Sacramento State @ Colorado State 3 o’clock Unavailable Unavailable
Arizona @ California 4:30 pm PAC-12 . network
Akron @ Liberty 5:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
Navy @ East Carolina 5:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
Ball State @ South Georgia 5:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
Arkansas @ Old Dominion 5:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
Rice @ Houston 5:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
Northern Illinois @ Kentucky #8 6:00 pm ESPN 2 WatchESPN
#10 Arkansas @ #23 Texas A&M 6:00 pm ESPN WatchESPN
Iowa @ Rutgers 6:00 pm FS1
Miss South @ Tolin 6:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
UNLV @ Utah 6:00 pm CBSSN
Houston Baptist @ Texas 6:00 pm ESPN 3 WatchESPN
Marshall @Troy 6:00 pm NFL network
Louisiana Tech @ South Alabama 6:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
Vanderbilt @#2 Alabama 6:30 pm SEC . network WatchESPN
Wisconsin @ #3 Ohio 6:30 pm ABC WatchESPN
UConn @ #12 NC State 6:30 pm ESPN 3 WatchESPN
New Mexico @ LSU 6:30 pm SEC . network WatchESPN
Miami (Ohio) @ Northwest 6:30 pm BTN
Charlotte @ South Carolina 6:30 pm ESPN Yu WatchESPN
Florida Atlantic @ Bordeaux 6:30 pm BTN
Kansas State @ #6 Oklahoma 7:00 pm Fox
Hawaii @ New Mexico State 7:00 pm Unavailable Unavailable
Boston College @ Florida State 7:00 pm ACC . network WatchESPN
Louisiana @ UL Monroe 7:00 pm ESPN + WatchESPN
#7 USC @ Oregon 8:30 pm PAC-12 . network
Wyoming @ 19 BYU 9:15 pm ESPN 2 WatchESPN
#13 Utah @ Arizona 9:30 pm ESPN WatchESPN
Stanford @ #18 Washington 9:30 pm FS1
Western Michigan @ San Jose State 9:30 pm CBSSN

Our first soccer of the fall on Saturday, and it’s full of conference games that we enjoy along with our hoodies and Oktoberfests.

As much as I like Big Ten, Maryland @ #4 Michigan Don’t attract me in all that much. I’ve watched Terrapin’s Undefeated Show many times before and won’t be buying it this year. Michigan keeps rolling.

Also from B1G, #14 Pennsylvania It should roll against him Central Michigan. The Nittany Lions shone last week against Auburn. Auburn is certainly one of the worst teams in the SEC, but winning against an SEC team of any caliber, the way they won, is noteworthy. #5 Clemson @ #21 Wake Forest On ABC it sounds interesting too, because it’s very likely that one of these teams will represent the ACC Atlantic division in their championship game.

I’m also looking forward to watching #17 @Baylor IowaBelieve it or not.

I know, I know, save your anger. But this could be a great opportunity for Matt Campbell’s Clones to get another signature win, which they seem to be doing year after year. If he wants his first season of 10 wins in Iowa…

<تقليب الصفحات>

…let’s see here…

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Ah, there he is…

…absolutely, he’s going to have to get some turbulence along the way. The Hurricanes will face four teams currently ranked in the top 25. And who knows, it might not be around for long.

In the afternoon we go with #20 fl @ #11 tn The game airs at 2:30 on CBS. Tennessee was impressed this year, with two big wins against the MAC teams they’ve outdone themselves, but they’re ranked No. 17 Pittsburgh in Week 2. The Gators will be another tough test for the Vols, another permanent “Are they back?” Team.

Minnesota @ Michigan State It’s a Big Ten match to watch. West has rightly been mocked for his terrible performances this season, but the Gophers can help things out with a win over the respected Spartans.

Getting to the evening gives us some interesting games to choose from. Of course there is Yes @ Rutgers Which should really be decided which gambler, Tori Taylor or Adam Korsak, has more yards at the end of the game.

Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

#10 Arkansas @ #23 Texas A&M These are the top 25 matches of the night. I still find it funny that the Aggies beat #13 Miami but only jumped in one place.

Wisconsin @#3 Ohio State It’s the Big Ten match today, but you know what to expect here. The rest of the big names are out of Pac-12 with #7 USC @ Oregon#13 @Utah Herm Edwards Less ArizonaAnd the And the Stanford @ #18 Washington. The Trojans continue to impress in Lincoln Riley’s inaugural year, and the Husky family have moved up the rankings after the state of Michigan was broken up last weekend. Pac 12 After Dark is alive and well.

And that’s all I wrote for week 4. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because there are still eight more weekends left after this week.

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