MLB odds: Cardinals-Dodgers predictions, odds and selection

A pair of National League powers will clash with world championship aspirations on the Diamonds this evening as the St. Louis Cardinals head to the City of Stars for a battle with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Time to check out our MLB odds series, where Cardinals-Dodgers predictions will be revealed and picked for all to see.

Having lost a three-game losing streak and avoided being swept away by dropping Padres 5-4 on Thursday, the Cardinals will be excited to increase their lead in their leagues and show the rest of the baseball world that they are in contention with their Los Angeles win. Angelis. Up the hill in this red bird will be Jose Quintana, who is between 5 and 6 years old, with an average of 3.16 ERA this season.

As for the Dodgers, they currently have the best record in the NL at 104-46 and are also an amazing 52-20 at home. Like the Cardinals, Los Angeles managed a string of small win losses against the Diamondbacks in a low-scoring fashion. Hoping for another stellar script performance, the Dodgers will turn to Andrew Heaney, who has been 3-2 with a 2.66 ERA so far this year.

Here are the Cardinals-Dodgers MLB odds, Courtesy of FanDuel.

MLB Odds: Cardinals Odds – Dodgers

St. Louis Cardinals: +1.5 (-144)

Los Angeles Dodgers: -1.5 (+120)

Above: 8 (-106)

Under: 8 (-114)

Why Cardinals Can Cover Spread

With a 37-36 away record this season, there is no doubt that St. Louis must get off to a quick start for a chance to cover the points difference and ultimately emerge victorious in Chavez Raven.

With the magical number of five to crown the NL Central Championship, St. Louis must have the bats ready to roll at the chance that this high-profile competition will turn into a slug festival. Obviously, the Cardinals have usually been up for a challenge throughout the regular season because they are one of the few teams in the majors that are currently ranked in the top 10 for hits average, base percentage and even slow percentage. Not to mention, first man on base Paul Goldschmidt didn’t cool at all, locking in to win the 2022 NL MVP race cut 321 with 35 home runs and 112 RBI. With other players in Nolan Arenado, Brendan Donovan, and even Albert Pujols, St. Louis should feel confident that they can answer whatever the Dodgers throw at them at bats later tonight.

Plus, Red Birds hasn’t been flabby when it comes to putting on quality roles from the pier hill. If the seasoned veteran Jose Quintana is able to draw corners and keep the Dodgers off-balance, that should increase the Cardinals’ chances of winning. In his run against Los Angeles, Quintana was 2-1 with an astonishing 2.02 ERA in eight starts.

Why the dodgers can cover the spread

On paper, this Dodgers squad has the chance to be one of the best overall rosters they’ve had in a while. With seemingly no weaknesses and stacked with other talent at every position, the Dodgers definitely have what it takes to win a second World Championship in just three years.

To start, if they want to cover the spread at home tonight, all eyes will be on the Dodgers’ offense that has been much cooler than hot lately. In her most recent streak versus linebacker D, Los Angeles struggled to raise the bar for baseball, averaging just two times per game over the 27 innings he played and six in total. After the final game of the series played against Arizona, the Dodgers had only crossed six times combined on their way to losing two of the three contests. However, Los Angeles is set to come out of its offensive woes eventually, as this is the team that scored the most points in the majors and maintained the highest sluggish rate in all of North America. Simply put, you can’t keep this dynamic crew in check for long.

Dodger-wise, Dodgers are also as closed off as they get. When it comes to tonight’s game against St. Louis, left-wing Andrew Heaney is a candidate for the reason the Dodgers can cover the spread based on his recent play. In his last two matches, the 31-year-old Southpaw scored nine runs, only giving up in one run to go along with 14 strikes. If Heaney can continue his blazing ways, L.A. should be feeling good about itself by the end of the night.

The Cardinals Final Pick-The Dodgers and Prediction

In what could be a futuristic playoff between these two historically great franchises, only one person can cover the spread in a prime-time night standoff. With the Cardinals doing a +1.5 role in running in this game, the value is definitely there to put your trust in the St. Together with Red Birds you will not be disappointed.

Cardinals-Dodgers final prediction and selection: Cardinals +1.5 (-144)

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