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He has a famous defender.

It looks like Tom Brady has a super friend backing him up.

Brady has been making gossip sites lately. Page Six, TMZ, you know those. Joe also speculates that Brady will be hosting the Hollywood block-night TV show. Joe hasn’t seen one of these since Rob Gronkowski’s retirement, so those shows suddenly had no reason to feature Gronk’s girlfriend, model and TV personality Camille Kostik.

But that’s what happens when a midfielder is a global star. Just today, Brady explained how all of his Super Bowl episodes are on display at the Qatar World Cup Fan Center exhibit.

(And yes, Brady is a big reason, if not the main reason why the NFL chose your dress to play in the first game of the NFL regular season in Munich in November. Crouts know who Brady is, they don’t necessarily know Kyle Trask or Blaine Jaber .)

The latest news in all the tabloids is of course the reported tension from Brady’s wife, model Gisele Bundchen, over Brady not bothering and playing another season for the Bucs. Joe came across a story on his Twitter account claiming that Brady brought his eldest son and actress mother Bridget Moynahan with him to the Bahamas when Brady took 11 days off from Boss training camp.

whatever. Joe doesn’t really care who Brady brings with him on his tropical vacations. As for Brady playing soccer, who did Giselle think married Eddie Vader? Soccer players play soccer (as long as their bodies and dad time allow).

Anyway, a superstar and a guy with more nicknames than Brady took to Twitter recently and Brady is back.

The Nature Boy, wrestling champion Ric Flair, appeared on social media and had strong words for those intruding on Brady’s private life: Retreat, Flair wrote. Let the guy live and play quarterback for Bucs.

In fact, Flair rocked a very public figure in the self-proclaimed world leader to undo Brady.

This warms up Joe’s heart. It’s good to see a man with many belts defending a man with many rings.

This and Flair giving Mike Evans crazy respect tells Joe that Flair keeps a close eye on Bucs (and may also read JoeBucsFan.com).

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