“Law & Order: Organized Crime” Synopsis: Season 3, Episode 1

this is Law and Order: Organized Crime Summary of the premiere of the first hour of triple intersection includes Law & Order: SVU And the Law and order. Be sure to check out our summaries for Parts Two and Three.

When a young girl is shot in cold blood, different teams in the New York City Police Department team up to find the people responsible, then the attorney general’s office works to hold them responsible. Law and orderThe first ever crossover with SVU And the organized crime!

The action begins as Cosgrove hangs out with his teenage daughter, who pressures him to let her homeschool because she fears something terrible will happen while she is at her school. He says no and assures her that bad things rarely happen… And only then, a bleeding young girl runs by their table in an outdoor cafe.

She’s a Ukrainian who killed her entire family in the Russian invasion in March, and we’ve seen her escape from a yacht after fighting a man. She was so out of command that she was hit by a car, and as Frank signaled an ambulance approaching, a masked assailant approached and shot her as she was lying in the middle of the street.

diet. Shaw (played by super girlMehcad Brooks), who is new to murder after working in drugs, arrives on the scene. Soon, it looks like he’ll be working on the case with Cosgrove. We soon learn that the girl’s name is Ava, and she was reported missing months ago.

Cosgrove nurses Shaw through his first death notification (a distraught aunt Ava slaps him) and his first autopsy, which shows evidence that Ava was the victim of repeated sexual trauma. This, along with caviar in her stomach and salt water on her skin, leads investigators to Chelsea Pierce, where Cosgrove scares the pier manager into offering him surveillance footage of a huge yacht that was parked there the night before. And when Shaw says maybe they can get a subpoena next time, we learn that Cosgrove’s new (temp?) partner is a lawyer as well as a cop.

The detectives learn more, which leads them to believe that Ava was a sex trader. And the who – which He brings them to SVU, where Captain Benson links them to some NYPD security camera footage that helps bring them to the man they think is the shooter. Frank gets up in the guy’s face, puts his hands on him, and that’s what makes Stabler very Crazy when he finds out.

Organized Crime Series Law & Order Premiere Season 3 Episode 1 SummaryIt turns out that organized crime has been working on a case involving the man for six months, and as Elliot loudly tells Frank in the middle of the area, he’s worried that the shooter has freaked out and will take off.

In the OC, the quieter Bill and Stabler make it clear that the shooter, Maxim Sirenko, is deeply involved in a drug ring and other bad things. They are reluctant to scare him and his gang, so they want to step back and investigate further before trying to bring him in. But then Cosgrove trips Stabler’s guilt about how he thought he’d be most eager to avenge the death of an innocent girl…Bill says it’s Stabler’s call…and then Stabler meets his criminal informant and makes him clone Sirenko’s phone in an effort for the NYPD to get some evidence. damning about the murder.

Although it’s a pretty close call, CI gets the job done. And Jett is able to pull surveillance footage downloaded from the phone, which gives her photos of a potential witness (another girl) and her pimp. Liv has Rollins, Velasco, Finn, and the rest of the team combing through their records for 90 seconds before Velasco overtakes the pimp. Soon, Cosgrove, Stabler, and a SWAT unit broke into the woman’s home. There was some shooting, but they took her into custody without casualties. Upstairs, a young woman comes to Cosgrove with a kitchen knife, but he easily disarms and warns all the other officers not to shoot. As he handcuffs her, the woman cries and repeatedly begs him to shoot her.

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