“I’m Actually…an Excited Canadian” – NASCAR Fans Appreciate the Next NASCAR 21: Ignition Update from Motorsport Games

The official NASCAR game titled NASCAR 21: Ignite wasn’t something that was well received when it was initially launched. The game was of a very buggy nature and was released in a somewhat unfinished state. However, Motorsport Games recently announced a brand new update to the game that will bring the final season into the hands of fans to play with.

NASCAR 21: Ignition’s official Twitter handle confirmed the news with a post MentionsedAnd the Live the historic 2022 experience #NASCAR Cup season for free on October 6 with # Ignite Nascari 2022 Expansion!The expansion will see all-new, next-generation Cup cars run alongside the current driver lineup and 2022 season tracks. The update will be available to all users from October 6, 2022.


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The official new season update trailer looks amazing but we have to wait for the expansion pack to be dropped before giving any further judgments depending on the quality of things and gameplay. One thing to note, however, is that the expansion pack is only available for free if you already own the game. Another factor to consider is the fact that reviews for the game have been generally negative on online stores like Steam. Many have complained that apart from the tracks and cars, other things like maneuverability, physics and artificial intelligence look terrible.

NASCAR fans react to the upcoming NASCAR 21: Ignition Update

Fans were generally elated with the arrival of the new season and wished they had learned more games like NBA 2K22 from Motorsport Games and updated seasons rather than releasing a completely new game every year.

Although the game’s initial launch was riddled with bugs, making it almost unplayable, fans over the last two updates and patch fixes have indicated that the state of the game has improved quite a bit. They appreciated Motorsports games to make the new expansion pack free for existing players. Although the mood seemed a bit mixed, he finally found himself really excited to see what the expansion brings to the table.


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Are you excited for the arrival of the 2022 expansion pack? Tell us which driver you would prefer to run when the update finally drops in the comments below.

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