“Everyone has a stake in this”

Stewart-Haas Racing driver Kevin Harvick’s misfortunes with the Next Generation Cup car in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season have led to “Happy Harvick” not being the most satisfactory content on the sport’s governing body. The 46-year-old driver’s latest example of trouble on the track with a seventh-generation car came last weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway, when a loose tire during a pit stop cost driver #4 Busch Light Ford Mustang a lead in round 12 in qualifying.

Harvick is known to be a fierce critic of the sport, especially with his recently increased presence on social media, and he has spoken out about the various issues he faced during the 2022 campaign. The race at Darlington Raceway also saw him criticize the car for accumulating rubber in his wheel, causing it to catch fire and forcing on retirement. After the incident at Bass Pro Shops Night Race, Harvick also started selling a T-shirt with the words written on it “Crappy-Ass Parts 4 Less”, Taking a dig at NASCAR again.

The board responded to comments made by Kevin Harvick when Scott Miller, NASCAR’s vice president of competition, appeared at morning drive A podcast on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio said:

“The Bristol is definitely a unique loading case, some things came up with the steering which were not expected. Honestly no excuse, but with the newness of this car and the newness of everything, I think it’s unacceptable that there are problems, but it’s probably part of the learning process. For us. All the teams and (manufacturers) were involved in the RFP process when we chose the parts. Everyone has a stake in this, and it’s not just NASCAR choosing unquoted, inferior parts.”

Kevin Harvick Honors Cancer Champion from the Martin Truex Jr. Cancer Foundation at Texas Motor Speedway

NASCAR Cup Series veteran Kevin Harvick has been hired to support a noble cause and bring attention to fellow cancer foundation Martin Truex Jr., the MTJ Foundation, at Texas Motor Speedway. Stewart-Haas Racing driver will see sports cancer champion Sidney Thirlwall’s name on his car this coming weekend.

This weekend at txmotorspeedway, Sydney will be riding Thirlwall with her name above my door. Thirlwall’s life is highlighted by the mtjfoundation Honor a Cancer Hero Program. She was nominated for Honor a Cancer Hero by her husband John Thirlwall. https://t.co/yAZ9w0sWYV

In partnership with Advent Health, the foundation seeks to shine a light on Thirwall’s life as part of the Honor a Cancer Hero Program. See Kevin Harvick have her name on his car this Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway for the AutoTrader EchoPark Automotive 500.

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