Enes Kanter Freedom says the NBA is “run by the Chinese dictatorship” after exclusive recordings surfaced

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight has obtained exclusive recordings of NBA officials indicating that the league was trying to clamp down on criticism of Annie Canter Freedom from the former Houston Rockets Center of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, to stay in Beijing’s luck.

Kanter Freedom, who changed his last name in recognition of his adopted country of the United States, joined Carlson to respond, after recordings surfaced of a sample of figures including the players’ union general counsel.

In one recording, NBPA attorney Ron Klimpner said he had just spoken with the association’s attorney at the time, and that he wanted to have “a conversation about their concerns right now not so much what you say in court but what you say in court when you step into court.”

Kanter Freedom wore several slogans committed to NBA rules but hostile to the Chinese Communist Party such as “Free Tibet” and “forced labor” – the latter of which was also directed at shoe maker Nike.

NBA demands freedom to take off shoes that criticized China

LeBron James #23 and Ennis Kanter #00 exchange words at Madison Square Garden.

Another recording depicted Mark Lasry, a Milwaukee Bucks owner linked to Bill Clinton, explaining how China would not deal with the league if athletes criticized their government, saying at one point “it’s business.”

“China has taken a very aggressive stance, which is ‘If you want to get away from us, you’re out – which I understand, it’s business,'” he said.

Kanter Freedom said the records prove that China rules the NBA.

“This is a testament to how the Chinese dictatorship runs a 100% American company,” he told host Tucker Carlson. “Wake up, America. This is the league you’ve been supporting and watching. That’s enough. This is unacceptable.”

“They’re angry because finally, someone inside – I played 11 years in this league, I finally exposed them, and I say it again. That’s enough,” he added.

China’s opposition to Enes Kanter could create a message for the NBA

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.
(Alex Goodlet/Getty Images)

Kanter Freedom, who traded notably with the Rockets and then quickly ceded them, once again called on the NBA to “stop bowing to dictatorships.”

The center, which previously played for the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks, added that it had received warnings from other players who said they could not support him publicly due to China’s effective control of the league.

ENES KANTER FREEDOM ‘WOKE’ attacks the NBA for playing in the UAE, where gays are illegal

Xi Jinping.

Xi Jinping.
(Ju Peng/Xinhua via Getty Images)

He noted that the NBA, like many other sports leagues, claims “a concern for social justice,” adding that this only continues until it “affects their money and business.”

Kanter Freedom said he is under pressure to retire at the age of 30 as the athlete, but told Fox News he will continue to fight for his message and will continue to look for a place on the roster while the league is “exposed.”


The NBA responded to the tapes in a statement to Tucker Carlson Tonight, in which Commissioner Adam Silver said he “made clear that we support players, including Mr. Freedom, to express their views on matters that matter to them.”

Kanter Freedom previously called the Association for the District of North Carolina after the then-governor of North Carolina. A transgender bathroom bill from Patrick McCrory, while he was playing in the United Arab Emirates, where homosexuality is illegal.

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