Emerging option to stay during World Cup, locals rooms

Next FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Getting closer and closer. And with it come pleasant feelings, like the excitement of watching the start whistle, but also stressful feelings, like the anxiety of knowing whether there will be enough accommodation for the millions of fans who will gather in that Middle Eastern country.

According to figures released by the CEO of Qatar 2022 organisation, Nasser al-KhaterIt is expected that 3 million tickets for the World Cup will be on sale. Of those, 2.5 million have already been sold, and the remaining 500,000 may end up in the next and last, The official ticket sales stage.

This ensures that the number of attendees for Next World Cup will be high. Simply put, the Qatari government expected more than one million visitors to enter the country for the football tournament. So, will there be or won’t be enough housing during Qatar 2022?

Accommodation options for Qatar 2022 official agency

Announced since the beginning of 2022, the various accommodation options offered by the official tournament agency for the FIFA World Cup are expected to suffice. according to Al JazeeraA source close to the Supreme Committee has reportedly said that the organizers have closed 80 per cent of hotels and accommodation options.

However, in addition to the remaining 500,000 tickets to be sold, Qatar 2022 could be attended by fans without tickets, which will undoubtedly complicate the provision of accommodations. This is where he can’t find a place in the official app Hotels, apartments, villas, cruises, fan villages He will need rescue.

Staying with the locals, the new choice for Qatar 2022

At an event held in Lusail Stadiumwhich is the huge stadium with a capacity of 80,000 spectators that will host the grand final of the upcoming FIFA World Cup, Director General of the Local Organizing Committee for the tournament, Yasir al JamalHe revealed that housing will be allowed in places other than those provided by the official agency, which will be about 130 thousand places of residence.

We did this to allow more people to apply for Hayya Cards. In addition, we are also committed to ensuring suitable and reasonable prices for fans starting at $80 which can vary as per the demand we see from the fans,Camel’s statement according to Al Jazeera.

Prices for accommodation with local residents during Qatar 2022

In one of the most famous platforms in the world to stay with the locals, AirbnbThe effects of this new type of accommodation are already being felt. Before this type of accommodation was approved during the FIFA World Cup, offers for rooms or lodgings were minimal and at exorbitant prices.

Now, when searching for accommodation in the host country Qatar 2022, on the dates the tournament will take place, the accommodation options have multiplied. This is the good news. The bad news is that many of them are over $80 a night which the tournament organizing committee has indicated would be the budgeted price.

Hence, accommodation in lodgings offered by locals in the downtown area of ​​Doha, where you have quick and continuous access to most of the eight stadiums where the 64 FIFA World Cup matches will be played, costs from $88 to $1000 per night.

So, now you have it clear. If by chance you could not find a place to stay during Qatar 2022 in the various options offered by the official agency of the tournament, you can resort to the offer of local residents, explaining that your bank account may be the biggest loser.

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