Cassidy’s experiences with the Golden Knights line groups

The Vegas Golden Knights opened training camp Thursday morning, with three separate groups taking the ice all day. We’ll be at camp all week, and if you’re planning to join us, here’s a guide. Look for stories about Joe Fleming and Sakari Manninen in the near future.

The most interesting thing to analyze during the first day of camp is the Golden Knight lines, which are always fun. With it being a pre-season, new coach Bruce Cassidy gets the perfect opportunity to change his team’s streaks and see what works and what doesn’t. Do not take most of these lines seriously.

General Manager Kelly McCremon also announced a series of injury updates relating to Nolan Patrick, Mark Stone and Brendan Bryson.

Some players were missing, some were wearing red jerseys. But here’s the Golden Knights streaks where things are currently going after the first day of training camp and also which group they were in if you’re looking to come in and see a specific player this week.

Vegas Golden Nights Lines

Riley Smith – Jack Eichel – Phil Kessel (A)

Jonathan Marchesault – Chandler Stevenson – Mark Stone (m)

Brett Howden – William Carlson – Michael Amadeo (midfield)

William Carrier – Nicholas Roy – Keegan Colesar (Midfielder)

Jonas Rundberg – Jake Lischen – Paul Cotter / Marcus Kallionkeli (m)

Ivan Morozov – Pavel Dorofeev – Linden McCallum (midfield)

Gage Queenie – Sakari Maninen – Sheldon Ribal (A)

Zach Dean – Byron Fries – Daniel D’Amato / Brendan Bryson (A)

Patrick Guay – Matias Sabovalev – Mason Primo (A)

Jordan Gustafsson – Jacob Brabanek – Maxim Marochev (Midfielder)

Alex Sweetlikov – Conor Ford – Ben Hemmerling (Midfield)

Jermaine Lewin – Colt Conrad – Kyle Marino (Midfield)

Alex Petrangelo – Alec Martinez (B)

Brayden McNabb – Shea Theodore / Leighton Ahack (C)

Zach Whitecloud – Ben Houghton / Zach Hayes (A)

Peter Deliberator – Kaidan Korczak / William Riddle (Midfielder)

Joe Fleming – Lucas Cormier (B)

Arthur Schulach Jake Bischoff (Midfielder)

Daniel Chica – Biden Bachtal / Conor Corcoran (A)

Logan Thompson (M), Adin Hill (C), Michael Hutchinson (A), Jerry Patera (A), Jesper Fickman (M), Isaiah Savile (C), Jordan Baberni (C)

ER: Jacob Demick, Spencer Foo, Daniel Miromanoff, Laurent Prosuit

LTIR: Robin Lehner, Nolan Patrick, Shea Weber


There’s a lot to take in here, and most of it will be out of date within a week or so. We just wanted to flag this all up for interested fans and for easy reference. This list will only decrease over the next two weeks, with players going everywhere for the Golden Knights.

“We don’t know exactly what the lines will be, especially with the arrival of a new coaching staff,” Golden Knights captain Mark Stone said.

Kessel on line 1

The biggest surprise from camp so far was first grader Phil Kessel. Kessel, 34, skated with Riley Smith and Jack Eichel. Many people wonder if Kessel, who scored eight goals last season, can still keep up with the pace of one of the best players in the NHL. So far, he’s sitting in the top row when we start camp.

open spot The Hague

The way the defense has been set up, there is a clear spot for Nicholas Haig when he signs. The Golden Knights rotated a lot of defensemen on the first day of camp, likely due to the fact that they had an uneven number of them.

The conflict with The Hague has continued since VGK made him a qualifying offer in July. He is one of four RFAs in the NHL who are currently out of training camp due to contract disputes.

“I mentioned before that signing Nick was an off-season priority for the hockey club. It stays that way. Nick is a really good young player and a player we think will do some good in this organization,” General Manager McCremon said.

Stevenson in the center, Howden at Wing

With the depth of the Golden Knight’s position now enhanced since the Eichel trade, someone in the Golden Knights had to play the role of a winger. So far, this player looks like Brett Houdin. Chandler Stevenson slipped as the team’s second line center with Mark Stone and Jonathan Marquesault.

who’s watching

These streak sets should be taken with a grain of salt but can give us an idea of ​​what Cassidy has in mind for the upcoming season. You can’t put a 67-player team on ice in the NHL, unfortunately.

“We put some lines together, and we’ll start from there. The guys are going to move in,” said Bruce Cassidy, Golden Knights technical director.

This list will be reduced periodically, and the players I will be watching the most will be Jonas Rundberg, Paul Kotter and Jake Lischen. These three players have to clear the concessions to be sent to the Henderson Silver Knights.

I’ll also keep tabs on defensive mode if the Hague stays abroad. Kaedan Korczak could be ready, and without Dylan Coghlan, he could be VGK’s backup defender.

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