All eyes will be on rookie Logan Hall Pirate

With Achim Hicks’ unfortunate injury to the Tampa Bay Pirates, the bulk of the attention from fans and the team will now turn to the 2022 Pirates’ Top Picks to see what they have in store.

To say the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had an off-season event would probably be an understatement of the century. After all that’s happened, the 2022 NFL draft looks like it’s from another age. With that said, it’s only natural that some of the pirates’ moves got a bit lost in the shuffle.

During the draft, the Bucs traded from the first round to secure the first pick from the second round. In a way, it’s a smart move, as players are always on the night of a free fall pull inexplicably and then you get to pick your litter for a discount. Anyway, the Pirates ended up with defensive lineman Logan Hall of the University of Houston as a result of the move.

Despite being the Bucs’ first choice, Hall hasn’t received as much fame as some of his rookie teammates who play on the offensive side of the ball. This increased when hacker robbed Akim Hicks in free agency to replace Ndamukong Soh in the starting lineup. It was another clever and wise move, as Hall was able to sit back and learn from the veterans along the defensive front, without too much pressure to do right away.

Fast forward to today, and things are a lot different for Hall and Buccaneers.

Hicks will now be sidelined at least a month after he ruptured the plantar fascia in his foot, which means Hall is in line for more work. Established veteran Pat O’Connor still in the fold, Team Buck has promoted Deederen Sennett from the coaching staff while Khalil Davis has been brought back to the same coaching squad. However, make no mistake, this is Hall’s time to shine.

So far, Hall has played in 29% of picks in week one, and 43% in week two for a total of 20 and 29, respectively. He may only have one tackle to his name, but he showed flashes, and the coaching staff seemed to agree if the increased number of shots was any indication.

With Hicks injured, the rookie now has a chance to show his stuff, giving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their fans a glimpse of what they have in the rookie, and what’s to come. The Green Bay Packers’ offensive streak has begun heading into week three, and with a talented veteran defense cruising on all cylinders, Logan Hall is in a great ecosystem to really thrive. Time will tell if the decision to recirculate and its formulation is the right one. If nothing else, this season just got more interesting, as if it hadn’t already.

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