Will Aaron Judge Break Home Record on Apple TV+?

Yankees ticket prices soared as fans clamored to glimpse Aaron Judge’s next record-breaking home run. Left field seats have become especially hot commodities for those who aspire to them Literally fishing history. Behind the scenes, a number of MLB announcers — including newcomers at Apple — are waiting to see if their crew is the one to capture the moment.

While Judge’s last 10 home runs, including number 60 on Tuesday, have appeared on the Yankees’ Network, the upcoming four-game series in New York with the Red Sox will air across five networks. Fox presents the game Thursday, followed by Apple TV + Friday. YES and MLB Network will broadcast action on Saturday, with ESPN showing the series finale on Sunday evening.

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according to Athlete In the analysis, Judge has a roughly 6% chance of coming back twice to set the record for the Yankees on Thursday, with a 12-16% chance of reaching 62nd in each of the next four games, assuming he continues his steep pace of going home almost once. In every 10 appearances of the board.

When Roger Maris put the tag on in 1961, the shot was broadcast locally on WPIX-TV. The Red Barber was right on the call, “Here it is! 61.” The last time an MLB 61 player hit a home run — Sami Sosa in 2001 — Fox Sportsnet broadcast the blast. By that time, the label had lost some of its luster, having been hit six times between 1998 and 2001 (including Barry Bonds earlier in 01).

Having recorded the judge’s journey from his mansion days, YES head of production and programming John Filippelli is among broadcasters hoping to document the history. He is also well aware of how momentary production decisions can shape the play’s legacy.

“I always say, the way you date the game is just as important as the game itself, because it’s how the game will be remembered,” Filippelli said in an interview. Thanks in part to Judge, YES has seen the season’s best ratings since 2011.

ESPN broadcast Wednesday’s games at the Judge’s at-bats along with coverage of the League Cup (it also broadcast the game on ESPN+), although it won’t be able to do the same when its national peers take over. Tonight, Fox will cut its Braves-Phillies regional broadcast to show Judge in a similar two-square format. The MLB Network has planned additional searches when possible as well.

If Judge breaks the record on the Apple podium on Friday, he will have done so thanks to a bit of luck — or insight. Apple planned to take over the Red Sox competition on Friday on the last night of games before the season begins. Plus, in May, it circled around the Dodgers-Cardinals tilt on Friday night, which now includes Albert Pujols chasing the 700th home (he is currently at 698).

Apple continues to offer games outside of its Pay TV + subscription system, as it has done throughout this year. The company did not release viewing numbers on what was first reported as a seven-year agreement worth more than $80 million annually. All of this might prove worth it if, 50 years from now, the Apple logo still sits atop a historic streak.

Then again, there’s a nearly 50% chance that Judge Homer won’t be twice this weekend. In this case the chase and all the hopes surrounding it will continue.

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