Why does Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck think his team is overrated?

The Celtics owner gave an honest look at the team and what they achieved last year and that means it’s good, but not as good as you might think.

Wyc Grousbeck of the Boston Celtics remains firm

If there was one story that stood out last season in the NBA, it had to be the Boston Celtics. Although they did not win the championship, they overcame a less than perfect start to become one of the most dominant teams in the league. Between an ominous defense and penetration by two truly talented young players Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, The Celtics booked their place in the NBA Finals. While they would end up falling to the Golden State Warriors in six matches, the signs of greatness were there.

At least that’s what many thought. In fact, a number of analysts have chosen the Celtics to repeat the title of Eastern Conference champions and possibly lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy as well. Strange that this is not how the Celtics owner Week Grosbeek He sees that he continues to refrain from drifting. Speaking in a recent interview, Grosbeek made it clear that he’d prefer not to view last season as a prelude to repeat in the upcoming campaign. “I loved being there with them. It was exciting. The other side of the coin is I think we overestimated it now,” Grosbeek said. [We were] We got to the final and won twice from winning it, but when you look back, Brooklyn was a tough streak, then we had to play seven games. [against the Bucks and Heat]. Then we lost [to Golden State]. Therefore, we are not a practical team to repeat as champions of the East. I think we are a high quality team.

Does Wyc Grousbeck Have a View on the Boston Celtics?

Here’s the thing, while they should be credited with making it to the NBA Finals, the truth is that it wasn’t a path without several moments where they could have been eliminated. One could easily for example, if Khris Middleton had not suffered an unfortunate injury; Their path could have ended with the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round. There was also Jimmy Butler, whose loss of triple pointers in the final moments of Game 7 could have ended the Celtics’ race. Regarding the finals, Boston – it must be said – led 2-1 over the Warriors, but then succumbed to three straight losses to exit the series.

To this end, one can appreciate Grousbeck’s point of view. Basically, the franchisor is trying to manage expectations. On the other hand, it would be ridiculous to deny Boston’s apparent credentials with Tatum soon to be on the MVP shortlist, and Brown more than fulfilling his role as the team’s number two, the Celtics are already spoiled for selection by we consider Marcus Smart, Defensive Player of the Year. That’s all to say, with a young and talented core alongside the likes Robert Williams III And the Al Horford, It’s possible that Grousbeck got it wrong. If so, we bet he’d be happy about it.

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