What do you expect from Robert Williams this season

Boston Celtics fans may have different expectations when it comes to fifth-grader Robert Williams. Timelord is coming off his best season as a pro, averaging nearly a double with 10 points and 9.6 rebounds per game. He also finished second in the league in every game, averaging just over two per night.

Williams earned his first NBA pick – All Defensive, earning a spot on the second team last season. Before he tore his meniscus, he was even in the race for the NBA Defensive Player of the Year award, which he ended up with for his teammate, Marcus Smart.

Williams’ meniscus injury puts a question mark over his outlook this season. He’s back in just over a month to help Boston through the playoff round, but he didn’t quite look like himself. There were flashes of high-flying sporty gameplay, but they weren’t consistent. It was clear that Williams was still playing painfully.

With Time Lords ready to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery and likely to miss part of the season out of the gate, what can we expect from the pivotal cycle of Year 5?

The answer is very simple: the big things.

Expect a double-double from Robert Williams for the Boston Celtics in 2022-23

Despite injury concerns, Robert Williams is preparing to build on his strong performance last season. The flashes of normalcy that can be seen from him during the Boston playoff should be encouraging, not discouraging. The 24-year-old was playing again painfully and still making an impact, particularly in the later rounds.

His presence obviously made things more difficult for Miami Heat center Pam Adebayo in the Eastern Conference Finals. Adebayo had monster Game 3, which was the only game Rob didn’t play. Bam has been held singles three times throughout the series, and Williams’ attendance was a big part of that.

The healthy Timelord has frightening potential with the weapons around him this season. It fits perfectly with the Celtics attack, acting as a safety valve under the basket. Rob’s efficiency around the edge combined with his quirky sportsmanship makes things easier on his teammates. Its versatility on the defensive side adds to its value. Last season, he thrived in the role of roving, usually guarding a corner shooter and then assisting and erasing shots on drives.

Timelord’s fleeting vision shouldn’t sleep, it helped him achieve a Triple Threat against the Phoenix Suns last season. He teams up with Al Horford to form what may be the best mega-man pass duo in the league.

If Williams can stay healthy this season upon return, he should be able to average around 15 points and 11 rebounds per game for the Boston Celtics. In terms of accolades, it’s not unrealistic to expect Robb to find himself in the first team this year to defend. The absolute ceiling would be an All-Star appearance and possibly the Defensive Player of the Year award.

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