West Bend High School’s Taylor Riplinger has been named Packers High School Coach of the Week

The Green Bay Packers have announced that Taylor Ripplinger of West High School in West Bend, Wisconsin, has been awarded this week’s Packers High School Coach. The program is presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Ripplinger, in his first year as head coach of the Spartans, started his team 2-3. While this record might not jump off the page to most people, those familiar with the show know that prior to this season, West Bend West’s last win was on October 13, 2017, against rival West Bend East. West Bend East and West has a unique dynamic in that while the athletes play for different programs, they share the same school corridors under one building. In elementary school, students are assigned to the West or East but can decide which program to enroll in the first year of high school. While many students remain with the program they grew up in, the recent performance of each program in the sport has had an impact on athletes’ decisions regarding substitution. Ripplinger and his staff have made great strides in a short period of time to try to reverse the negative connotation of the West’s program and develop a new, winning culture not seen in years.

“Last year, our entire roster, from freshman to senior, was 40 to 45 kids,” Riplinger said. “So we’re back again, and there’s been a lot of guys that quit over the last couple of years, we’d talk to them after school, talk to them about their other sports and go watch them…we were going to [their] Games and showing that we care about them and we tried to build that connection with them and we probably gained 10 kids who had quit before. So that was priority number one, and the second was just building a culture. Every program I played for, whether it was high school or college, we were very successful. And all they attributed to that was the culture and the work ethic, which is based on being a family and that genre has been missing in the West for a while.”

Riplinger graduated from Arrowhead High School in 2013. Throughout high school he was involved in football, baseball, track and weightlifting. Corner Buck played under coach Greg Malling. After high school, Ripplinger continued to play football as a safety at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh under the direction of WFCA Hall of Fame coach Pat Cerrone. He graduated from UW-Oshkosh in Fall 2018. Ripplinger’s coaching career began as defensive coordinator for West Bend West in 2020. He then took over as head coach for the Spartans this season.

While Ripplinger is honored to have won this award, he considers it an achievement for the entire program.

“It means a lot,” Riplinger said. “I think these players and our coaches should be very proud of this moment. In the last five years, when we’ve been mentioned in the papers or in the news, it’s been about the losing streak…Having something positive come back is really going to help build some excitement around us. “For those players to know that all the work they did… we really pushed them into this off-season and demanded a lot from them and the assistant coaches, and I think now it pays off. To be recognized, I think it would mean a lot, from top to bottom.” “

Riplinger and his staff oversee a 72-player program with 45 players fit for league matches. Among his assistants are Joe Schmitz, Joe Sibini, Ryan Grass, Dave Olsberger, Jordan Libby, Mike Clarke, Alex Hoffman, Faye Low, Matt Reinhart, and Willon Mortenson. In addition to training, Ripplinger works in supply chain logistics for the Molson Coors Beverage Company.

About the Coach of the Week Program at Green Bay Packers High School:

The Packers will honor an outstanding high school coach as the winner of the “Coach of the Week” award during the 2022 high school football season. The winners are awarded numerous items and perks, including a $2,000 donation to the school’s football program from the Green Bay Packers and Buffalo Wild Wings and the NFL Foundation, as well as award recognition on Packers.com, Wissports.net and Wifca.org.

Coach of the Week nominations must be submitted by 10 a.m. every Monday to Ryan Fencl, Director of Football Communications, at [email protected]. Please state the nominee’s name, address, school, telephone number, and the reason why he/she is eligible for the award.

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