The Houston Astros’ Triple-A Company, Sugar Land Space Cowboys, secures a series of unlikely walking scenario

Minor League Baseball seasons are drawing to a close. But with the Pacific Coast League’s week-and-a-half of play going, the Sugar Land Space Cowboys are finding unconventional ways to win.

The Houston Astros’ Triple-A went uninjured the first time through Sunday’s order against the Salt Lake Bees. Cory Julkes broke a case of early funk, beating one song to open the fourth inning.

Sugar Land only recorded two more hits against Salt Lake – one from Jake Meyers and one from Julks. But what stands out most about the shooter’s duel are the three hitters.

The walks came sporadically, with bees drawing three of them and four drawn by cowboys in space. But defining the competition was Jules’ actions – or lack thereof – on the field 0-2 with the bases loaded.

With an automatic runner starting second in the 10th inning, Edwin Diaz hit a field error, and Myers loaded the bases into an intentional outing with one on the board before getting lucky with Julks in the box. His HBP was the third of the day, driving in Scott Manea for the winning race.

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The Astros’ Triple-A secures a series of unlikely exit scenario

The Space Cowboys took a chain win on Sunday, clinching four out of six matches with the Bees. The club’s record won’t be enough to achieve post-season, but there are still nine consecutive games to close in 2022 from the Astros’ prospects.

About the farm:

Dominican Summer League Manager Marcelo Alfonsín, Astros Blue, will coach Argentina’s World Baseball Classic Playoffs.

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