Tennessee Titans 2022 season: ‘Homegating’ is a great invite to watch Titans games

It got even more difficult for me to get to Nissan Stadium to watch the Tennessee Titans game. This is what happens when you have four children and obligations in the church. It makes home preparation more important every Sunday.

Let’s go through my Sunday routine:

waking up

I wake up early. My phone alarm will go off around 6 am. The first thing I do in the morning is check Twitter to see if there are any updates to the infection. Adam Shifter and Ian Rapoport are the people who usually have the early morning updates. My first concern is giants. My second concern is to see if any value has been opened on the DraftKings sports website. My third concern is my fantasy teams throughout the season.

Pre-game offers

After we get everyone ready on Sunday morning, the church door goes out. Once the service is up, I set the Titans pre-match coverage to 104.5 The Zone. There is something so relaxing about listening to it Countdown to launch on Radio Titans. I’ve done this for over 20 years. Mike Keith is the only constant in the Titans Radio coverage, but just hearing the locals talk about the game gives me that real feeling it’s time for football!

Food and snacks

People seem to be very loyal to their daily food. This is not the case for me. We usually capture what a person feels like on their way home from church. Most Sundays it will be a sandwich or burrito.

The really important part of the gameday goodies are the snacks. I do a lot of nervous eating during games. This mainly consists of potato chips and dipping. There are a few good Sam’s dips that we constantly have at home. There’s no telling how many calories I’ve consumed over the years watching football…chips, dips, and Mountain Dew are what keep me sane during a game.

Watch the match

I wish I could listen to the game on Titans Radio, but that has become impossible over the years with the various delays on TV and radio. Plus, there’s the fact that I’m on Twitter during the game, so there’s no chance of pausing the game to get the radio and TV broadcasts like it was in the old days.

Twitter is a lot of fun while gaming. It’s a party if the Titans are playing well and it’s the furthest place on earth if they aren’t. Of course, I’d rather party, but getting angry at the moment with a group of people who feel the same way is somewhat comforting.

On the days the Titans aren’t playing, I’m joined by the NFL RedZone so I can keep track of everything that’s happening in the league.

after the game

Once the game is over, I turn the radio back on to hear post-game ideas from Mike Keith and Dave McGuinness. I’ll also be on Facebook because the Titans are always broadcasting post-game press conferences there. With all of that going, I’ll also stay on Twitter and keep an eye out for post-game comments here. This may be the busiest time of the day for me.

After the dust settles, I’ll sit down to record a quick reaction to the podcast to get out as fast as I can once the game is over. This just allows me to get all my thoughts out of what I just saw of the Titans.

This is my process of “localizing” the Titans games. What is yours?

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