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With the LIV Tour recruiting golfing power couples like Brooks Koepka and his wife Jena Sims, the PGA Tour is left trying to fill in the blanks in the pop culture side of the business, but it seems to have found the Tour’s future in power couple Patrick Cantlay and his fiancée Nikki Gidish.

The newly married couple was in North Carolina this week for the Presidents Cup at Quill Hollow where they were joined by Colin Morikawa, fiancée Catherine Cho, Xander Shaveli and his wife Maya, as well as the unique silver fox and his wife. His amazing new wife is Susan Hahnemann.

It was the typical Team USA party where your buddies get together with their wives and everyone celebrates life as elite golfers. But there is a very different atmosphere to this year’s Presidents Cup. Many familiar faces in golf are out of history now that they’ve played the LIV Tour, and we’ve got a very short list of pairs left ready to step up as faces of American golf.

Enter Kantalay and Jidesh.

While Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth enjoy their quiet relationship, Guedish appears all set to become the new face of the Wives and Girlfriends Club while Cantlay is ranked number four in the world.

Patrick Cantelay and fiancée Nikki Guidech enjoy the President’s Cup party at Quail Hollow in Charlotte. Instagram story

Guedesh, a 30-year-old pharmacist, has two factors working in her favor to take control of this elite club for the next several years.

  1. Gaydesh understands the Instagram game; It’s active, the account is unlocked, and Nikki keeps it updated with content that will end up in the papers
  2. The PGA Tour is desperate to retain its remaining stars and that means they will need to focus on 30-year-old Cantlay and stabilize his remaining opponents; Wives and girlfriends benefit because there is less competition for camera time
  3. There aren’t many wives and girlfriends within the PGA Tour community who seem willing to carry the torch that Paulina Gretsky and Gina Sims left when they grabbed that bag of LIV money.
Patrick Cantlay and fiancée Nikki Guidech joined Xander and Maya Shaveli for the Presidents Cup Gala. / Instagram story

And don’t think for a second that the former PGA wives and girlfriends on the LIV Tour don’t care about this changing of the guard moment in the game’s history.

“Love this dress on you,” Jena Sims wrote in the comments to a post from Tony Finau’s wife Alayna.

Gaydesh was right there in the middle of the action, too, dropping a heart emoji on Alayna’s post as the great PGA Tour Wives and Girlfriends leader she is.

Welcome to the new era of PGA Tour wives and girlfriends. Nikki Gidesh is responsible.

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