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Welcome to the September 2021 issue of the DobberProspects 32-in-32 series! This month, we’ll dive deep into each institution, looking at their freshmen, ‘4s, lows, and top 20 prospects.

The New York Rangers organization is in a very strong position as the 2022-2023 NHL season approaches. The team has a great deal of depth, both at the NHL level and in their set of expectations. With the NHL’s best goalkeeper, Igor Shesterkin, just coming off a campaign that Vezina won in 2021-2022, and a heavy-hitter roster around him, bolstered by big-ticket UFA Vincent Trochek, the Blueshirts are unlocked, loaded and ready to compete for the title. Metropolitan Department. There were a few tweaks to the roster, of course, but for the most part, the lineup is very similar to the one the team started with last season, before the pieces were added in last year’s trade deadline.

Gone is Ryan Strom, and the aforementioned Trochek replaced him. Kevin Rooney is gone and Alex Georgiev backup. All business acquisitions continued last season. Additionally, forwards Andrew Cope, Frank Vatrano, and Tyler Mott, along with defender Justin Brown, are relegated to free agency. They will be replaced by defenders Zach Jones or Matt Robertson, along with striker Vitaly Kravtsov, who is finally locked in to take the team out of camp this year. After Kravtsov, it became very uncertain. Candidates in competition to fill 12The tenth and 13The tenth Forward sites include Dryden Hunt, Ryan Carpenter, Julian Gautier, old friend Jimmy Vesey (PTO site), and possibly Bobby Trevigno or Will Coyle. Some have speculated that Brennan Usman, who picked the first round in 2021, might be able to impress during camp and grab one of the last two points on the list, but that seems highly unlikely. However, the team will likely take a peek at him to start the season, before sending him back to Junior. Nils Lundqvist was a top contender for the 6th Man of Defense, but the 2018 first-round pick is no longer with the organization. More on that soon.

The top six locks: Panarin, Zipanijad, Krider, Troshik

Somewhere in the top nine: Lavrinière, Kaku, Chitel, Kravtsov

Third and fourth lines: Blais, Goodrow, Reaves / Hunt / Carpenter

12 . oddsThe tenth/ 13The tenth Forward: Gauthier, Vessy, Cowell, Rydal

Kreider – Zibanijad – Lavreniere

Panarin – Trushik – again

Blais – Chytil – Kravtsov

Goudreau – Carpenter – Reeves

Lindgren – Fox

Miller – Tropa

Jones – Schneider



The Junior Camp was held in New York between September 14thThe tenth up to 20The tenth Top potential clients have included Usman, Coyle, Robertson, Dylan Garand, and Adam Sikora. A surprising addition to the group was Zach Jones, given the option to skip the rookie camp and report back to the main camp, with what he hopes will be his Rangers teammates in October. Jones wanted to jump on things, and decided to attend rookie camp, in an effort to be ready to compete for a spot in the third pair of Blueshirts, alongside, probably, Braden Schneider.

Juniors for AHL: Will Coyle*, Dylan Garand*, Ryder Kurczak, Matt Remby

(*appeared in matches with AHL Hartford during the 2020-2021 Covid season)

European Championships to AHL: Olof Lindbaum, Carl Henrikson

NCAA Year One (former USHL and European players)Brody Lamb, Jarrow Schmilar, Noah Lapa

Brennan Othman, LW

Othman 16The tenth A pick from the 2021 draft, described as accessible when drafted by the team. Since then, number 78 has done nothing but admire, putting on huge numbers of OHL’s Flint Firebirds, while serving as captain of the team, showing off his leadership skills. The Canadian winger plays an abrasive, as well as plenty of puck skills and a vicious shot. He’s a high-character, hard-working player with an outside chance to get a taste of the NHL early in the season. Unfortunately, although he has little left to offer at the OHL level, he is ineligible to play for Rangers’ Hartford Wolfpack, given that he is not yet 20 years old.

Brett Berard, LW

Berard, who was joined this year in Providence by brother Brady, as well as 2021 NYR, Jaroslav Schmilar, has seen his stock rise steadily since being penned by Blueshirts. Providence College and USA World Juniors head coach Nate Lehman relies on the American in all situations and looks to him for his leadership skills as well. The number 21 is a relentless worker who chases after the disc and does not take a shift. Despite being a little undersized, Bearrard has shown, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he has the will and drive to be a dependable winger in the New York mid-six, who can reap his share of points as well.

Will Coyle, LW

Cuylle, coined with 60The tenth The 2020 draft pick, acquired from Los Angeles in exchange for the 2017 draft bust, Lias Andersson, has seen his stock rise steadily over the past two seasons. A big strong-nosed winger, loves to throw body, Cuylle has some nice offensive gear and a powerful shot, to go along with his imposing stature. The burly Canadian striker is eligible for the AHL this season, but he has his sights set on trying to earn a Broadway spot, instead, and has a chance to do so if he does well in camp.

Vitaly KravtsovAnd the RW

Kravtsov, the ninth overall pick in the 2018 NHL Draft, is only on this list because of the resentment he has shown toward the organization over the past two years. At the beginning of the 2021-2022 season, the team made him participate in the main camp, and did not give him an option even to attend the rookie camp, indicating that he had a place waiting for him with the NHL club. He also played sparingly in pre-season, although he was a bit restless at the time. All signs were pointing to the great Russian getting a full-time role with the Blues. Unfortunately for him, that did not happen, and the relationship between the player and the team soured. Instead of putting his head down and working to earn a call-up while playing in the Hartford Wolf Pack, he refused to report to the AHL and asked for a deal. Things were controversial for a short time. In the end, GM Chris Drury agreed to put No. 74 on loan, and he returned to the KHL to finish the year. Since then, things have apparently straightened out. Kravtsov is preparing to leave the past behind and showcase his immense talent to the Rangers this fall.

Libor Hajek, LD

Rangers re-signed Hayek’s one-year deal in the off-season, and simply couldn’t push themselves to move forward with their ill-fated 2018 takeover. He clearly has no future with the club, and due to being ineligible for the AHL without first going through the exemptions, it appears that He is destined to be the seventh or eighth defender in New York this season. Hajik skates well enough, but is a very disappointing player. He has struggled in his time with the organization, even at the AHL level, and seems far-fetched to be anything other than a seasoned, NHL/AHL “tweener”. Former general manager Jeff Gorton, who is now with Montreal, definitely wants to try to get this player.

Levi Altonen, LW

Aaltonen, the junior winger, currently plays abroad in his native Finland. The quick striker has struggled to gain minutes, and his points in the past few seasons have been paltry. With more and more talented players pumped onto the flanks from the last few drafts, Aaltonen appears to be facing a near-impossible task to emerge from the bottom of the squad’s inventory.

(a combination of NHL readiness and promotion)

left wing


right wing

Brennan Usman

Carl Henrikson

Laurie Bagoneyemi

Will Quill

Rider Kurczak

Brody Lamb

Brett Berard

Bryce McConnell Parker

Austin Rushoff

Adam Sikora

Gustav Rydal

Jaroslav Shmilar

Bobby Trevigno

Oliver Tarnstrom

Eric Ciccolini

Cali Visanin

Adam Adstrom

Riley Hughes

Tim Gettinger

Patrick Khodorenko

Levi Altonin

Matt Remby

Maxim Barbashev

Jayden Group

Noah Lapa

Zachary Karpa

left defense

right defense

Zachary Jones

Hunter Skinner

Matthew Robertson

Ty Emberson

Simon Kjellberg

Victor Mancini

liber hajk

Brandon Scanlin

Hank Kempf


Dylan Garand

Olof Lindbaum

Tallinn Boyko

Hugo Potts

Rangers still boast a strong potential pipeline, despite many of their recent high picks already in the NHL. The two areas that are a bit weak are the middle and, after making a big deal just before the main training camp, the right defense.

Absent from this list is RHD Nils Lundkvist, who recently traded in the Dallas Stars for two draft picks, including a conditional first-round pick (top ten protected) 2023, which turns into an unprotected first-round pick 2024 if the 2023 pick is in the centers first ten. New York will also receive a mid-round pick in the future as well. It was a solid act of GM Chris Drury, who had an upset player on his hands, unhappy with his place on the Blue Line depth chart.

  1. Vitaly Kravtsov
  2. Brennan Usman
  3. Zack Jones
  4. Matthew Robertson
  5. Will Quill
  6. Dylan Garand
  7. Brett Berard
  8. Adam Sikora
  9. Carl Henrikson
  10. Rider Kurczak
  11. Bryce McConnell Parker
  12. Hunter Skinner
  13. Brody Lamb
  14. Laurie Bagoneyemi
  15. Bobby Trevigno
  16. Adam Adstrom
  17. Cali Visanin
  18. Jaroslav Shmilar
  19. Olof Lindbaum
  20. Oliver Tarnstrom

thank you for reading. Stay tuned throughout the season for more odds updates!

Brendan Ferry

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