NASCAR Top 10 Energy Ratings: Bristol Night Race

Note: The quotes in this article are fictitious.

1. Chase Elliott Elliott finished second in Bristol and easily advanced to the round of 12.

“I said recently that I don’t think NASCAR should try to compete head-to-head with the NFL,” Elliott said. “NASCAR could try to silence me, but that’s just because they’re afraid to address issues that affect our sport.”

2. Denny Hamlin Hamlin finished ninth in Bristol and advanced to the second round of qualifying.

“I’ve already secured a place in the second round of qualifying after the first stage,” Hamlin said. “Usually, when I say my race ended early, it’s because Ross Chastain broke me.”

3. Christopher Bell Bale won the second stage in Bristol and easily advanced to the second round of the qualifiers.

“I like my chances of being a Cup champion,” Bale said. “If it does happen, it could be one of the greatest upheavals in NASCAR history. Most of the “greatest upheavals” in NASCAR history belong to Kyle Busch.”

4. William Byron Byron finished third in Bristol and advanced to the second round of qualifying.

“All four of Hendrick Motorsports’ drivers are in the round of 12,” Byron said. In Bristol, the term ‘four’ was prevalent, often used to say,all four of its tires are not in the running position.”

5. Ross Chastain Chastain finished sixth in Bristol and advanced to the round of 12.

“A few drivers’ hopes were dashed in the knockout game in Bristol,” Chastain said. “That was a wreck that had nothing to do with me.”

6. Joey Logano Lugano came home 27th in Bristol and is in the second round of qualifying.

“That was my 500th start in the Li Cup,” said Lugano. “That’s a lot. Some people, like Matt Kenseth, say the number is over 500.”

7. Kyle Larson Larson finished fifth in Bristol, marking his eleventh in the top five this season.

“I recently signed a three-year extension with Hendrick Motorsports,” Larson said. “I didn’t check the soft line, but looking at my history, I’m sure exist Some beautiful prints.

8. Ryan Blaney Blaney had several tire problems and finished 30th in Bristol, but he still qualified for the second round of qualifying.

“I felt the same way as a lot of the fans in attendance, because I was so excited about the misfortune of Kyle Bush and Kevin Harvick,” Blaney said.

9. Chris Bucher – Buescher won in Bristol, becoming the third consecutive unbeaten driver to win a playoff race.

“Normally, I wouldn’t be really happy if it was mentioned at the same time as Eric Jones and Bubba Wallace,” Buescher said.

10. (Tie): Kyle Bush – Bosch blew up an engine just after halfway in Bristol and finished 34th, which eliminated him from the playoffs.

“This is the second blowout engine in the last three races,” Bosch said. “So, I drive all drivers in blown engines, and I drive all drivers with ease gaskets and blow valves. ”

10. (Tie) Kevin Harvick – Harvick was running close to the front until a catastrophic pit stop at Lap 438 when the pit crew failed to fully secure the left rear tire. The missing track site left Harvick in 10th place, where he finished.

“I needed to win in order to get ahead,” Harvick said. “But unfortunately, I needed a fifth wheel to finish the race. Speaking of ‘fifth wheels’, my pit crew he is one. ”

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