McAllen claims the title of South Texas Airport in the Dallas Cowboys

A sign announces the McAllen Airport’s new address for South Texas Airport in Dallas Cowboys. (photo courtesy)

What do you think of McAllen International Airport?

The airport announced a new partnership Wednesday with the Dallas Cowboys designating it as the Dallas Cowboys’ South Texas Airport.

Dallas Cowboys legends Tony Hill and Charles Haley, as well as Eric Sudol, Senior Vice President of Corporate Partnership and Marketing at Dallas Cowboys, were in attendance for the announcement along with McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos, City Manager Roel “Roy” Rodriguez and Elizabeth Suarez, Airport Manager .

“This partnership will be fantastic for fans of the Dallas Cowboys, especially with more non-stop flights to Dallas from McAllen International Airport,” Villalobos said in the statement. “Non-stop flights from McAllen International Airport to Dallas in South Texas give faster access to their favorite sports brand. And with more non-stop flights to major destinations from McAllen, fans will have a direct link to more Cowboys games.”

Dallas Cowboys legends Tony Hill and Charles Haley join team and city officials to announce the partnership on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at McAllen. (photo courtesy)

“When we work together, we achieve more,” Rodriguez said in the statement. “We chose the Cowboys to entertain our passengers and provide another reason why McAllen International Airport is the airport of choice in the Rio Grande Valley.”

According to the release, the airport is planning “fan experiences” throughout the year that include exclusive gifts, social media, photo experiences, special appearances for players and legends at Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Rowdy and more.

“McAllen International Airport is always looking for new ways to connect our passengers with relevant experiences,” Suarez said. “The Dallas Cowboys is without a doubt the sexiest sports brand in South Texas and the world, so our new partnership was a natural fit.”

Sudol said the Dallas Cowboys organization was excited about the new partnership, citing the Rio Grande Valley’s fan bases as one of the biggest.

“We couldn’t be happier about the partnership that we have with one of our biggest fan bases,” Sudol said.

McAllen International Airport has launched the partnership with the first of many win-win gifts, offering the public a chance to win a Dallas Cowboys travel package with game tickets. Follow the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages at McAllen International Airport to stay in touch with Dallas Cowboys-themed and future-themed events and giveaways.

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