Formula 1 | Horner pleads “guilty” to broadcasting the radio exchange

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff spent the 2021 season attacking each other, especially when their riders stumbled in the race. The Red Bull director revealed that these tensions came to a head during the British Grand Prix, the scene of the drivers’ first clash.

“It really happened at Silverstone, where suddenly there was a lot of dialogue between Toto and Michael [Masi, le directeur de course] » Horner told the Beyond Network podcast. “Then he emailed her, and then he was gone. And I said, “Well, I don’t want this, I’m going up.” »

“I thought it was incredibly one-sided, that the team manager couldn’t put pressure on the race director. Looking back, we had a heated exchange with Toto in the direction of the race. «

“At the time, Toto was clearly defending his point, that his driver should not be penalized, when I had a driver in hospital and a car that had retired from racing, so I clearly felt very moved by this situation.”

Horner admits to some mistakes

Contacts between Massey and Wolff, as well as between Massey and Horner, doubled over the course of the season. In Saudi Arabia, the race director was heard negotiating grid positions with the two teams, and Horner admits his share of responsibility for these abuses.

“Maybe I’m guilty, because I’ve pushed to this point in strategy meetings and committee meetings saying ‘there’s a lot of internal communication going on, and I think onlookers should be aware of that. Aware’. »

“I thought the result of that would be that there would be less communication, but the exchange would be great, because the team principal would only contact the race director if he had something solid to say. I say, we won’t complain about something trivial enough. »

“In Barcelona, ​​where I heard they were broadcasting Toto who communicated with Michael, I thought it was a little strange. I never had a single channel, it was always sent to me through our team manager. »

“After this race, I think we should have said ‘there should be only one contact between the race director and the team managers.’ At this point, with the competitiveness, you get really excited and that’s normal, and you’re going to do your best for your team.”

I think it happened in Abu Dhabi, where Toto, at several points in the race, tried not to have a safety car, and they didn’t want us to be able to take over the race track.

“As soon as I hear that, because I’m getting that transmission, the immediate reaction and that’s a defense. The best form of defense is attack, and the worst is that the last person in his ear has the most impact. »

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