FINA confirms ‘Elite Eight’ commitment to all World Cup stops

Eight of the biggest swimming stars have committed to participating in all stations of the FINA Swimming World Cup starting next month.

According to FINA, Thomas will be (ITA), Kyle Chalmers (Outside), Nick Fink (United States of America), Anastasia Gorbenko (ISR), Sioban Hogi (HKG), Louise Hanson (Sweden) , Kylie Mass (CAN) and defending the overall winner of the FINA Swimming World Cup for men Matthew Countries (RSA) will compete across all three phases of this year’s Tour Calendar with a total prize pool of $1.2 million before rewards.

The other star swimmers are scheduled to appear at various, possibly all, stations, but this group of eight stuck with each stop.

According to the release, additional financial incentives include a world record bonus of $10,000 as well as a $10,000 increase in pay for athletes who complete the “crown” by winning the same event at all three city stations.

The tour begins in a month in Berlin (October 21-23) before heading to North America for events in Toronto (October 28-30) and Indianapolis (November 3-5).

Last year in Berlin, Satis helped his overall win with two world junior events breaking records in the 200m IM and 200m freestyle. Longtime host of the FINA Swimming World Cup Tour in Berlin – the city that is due to hold its 20th event since 2000 – is adding a special wrinkle by bringing the FINA Diving World Cup to the city and in the same place to ensure there is a non-stop water game action.

Canada and the USA will see Toronto and Indianapolis rejoin the FINA Swimming World Cup as hosts for the first time since 1988.

For members of the confirmed International Swimming Elite Eight, this trio of races, awards and out-of-pool experiences helped ensure their participation throughout the entire 2022 season.

“Not only did I set a world record during last year’s Swimming World Cup, but experience both in and out of the competitive arena helped turn some good competitions into friendships,” Chalmers told FINA. “I am looking forward to more sprint times in the 25m pool as well as really enjoying the side activities. I heard we have a great program pool, so I am looking forward to seeing what there is in Berlin, Toronto and Indianapolis.”

Sweden’s Louise Hanson says Berlin, Toronto and Indianapolis are among her favorite places to race ever.

“I am very excited to be swimming in the entire World Cup Series this year. I have been to all three pools and we have had a great experience all around,” Hanson told FINA. “Berlin has been one of my favorite pools for many years. Last year I swam in the World Cup in Berlin and had many of the best results on a personal level, so I am very excited to be back again this year.

“Likewise, I had a great NCAA in Indianapolis and swam for the World Championship trials a few years ago in Toronto,” Hanson added. “I’m excited to start a new season with lots of fun competitions and fans in the stands.”

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