Fernando Alonso says the Alps are ‘doing too much’ in their fight against McLaren

Fernando Alonso believes Albine has “goed past the mark” to lead McLaren in the constructors’ championship P4 race with only six races remaining from the 2022 season.

The French team currently has an 18-point lead over McLaren – a feature that Alonso says was nothing more than a “dream at the start of the year”.

“Very impressive,” Alonso said when asked about his team’s performance this season. “I think we started a little anxious in Bahrain and the winter tests. We had some ups and downs there in terms of performance. But I think from Australia or Jeddah onwards, the team has grown a lot and the engine is also much better than last year.

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“We had some reliability issues, but we’ve got more power than last year, so we’re accepting that. Now we’re fighting McLaren. [in] The constructors’ championship was probably a bit of a dream at the start of the year, so I think we’re overreacting compared to what we thought.”

Alonso says Albin did not expect to lead the fight with McLaren at the start of the season
Before retiring at the Italian Grand Prix, Alonso had racked up 10 points in a row – from P9 in Barcelona to sixth at the Dutch Grand Prix. But the Spaniard believes the team needs cleaner weekends if they are to start scoring bigger points on Sunday.

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“I think we had some races where we weren’t very lucky,” Alonso said. “Even in this streak of points, Barcelona we started last, Austria didn’t start the car in Sprint and we started another on Sunday, and we’re still scoring points in those races.

“But we need a clean weekend, we have no problems on Saturday and Sunday, and maybe those weekends are better in terms of points.”


Alonso says the Alps need some help from the top three teams to get to the podium
When asked about the possibility of climbing to the podium at some point this season, Alonso said: “I think we’re in the same place we’ve been all year. I think we’re right behind the top three teams, so our normal position is, let’s say, seventh, seventh and eighth, So we always need some help from the cars in front of us.

“Sometimes there are penalties involved like in the Spa and we start in third on the grid…so we can get a better starting position, but lately in the race we ended up being just as normal. [position]. ”

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Next year will see Alonso head to Aston Martin, with Lance Stroll joining the team currently sitting on P9 in the manufacturers’ standings.

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