Easy Come Easy Golf (Switch eShop) Review

Captured on a Nintendo Switch (handheld/not included)

Clap Hanz is a studio closely associated with PlayStation, producing very popular titles Golf for everyone / Hot golf Across multiple generations (over 20+ years). Recently, she loosened her swing and went another route, with that, she fired Dog Hans Golf on Apple Arcade. This title is now on Switch as Easy Come Easy Golf; Yes, the brand identity with this developer can get a little confused.

For those who have never been into PlayStation games, this is a welcome opportunity to experience the studio’s mix of simple visuals, cartoons, and decidedly addictive golf. It’s an enhanced ride for sure, and thanks to this clever hardware asset, it supports multiple ways to play – you can choose the swipe controls on the touchscreen in portable mode, while on the console you can use stick flips or the classic three-button press. They are all functional, to be sure, but this reviewer is a boomerang who insists on playing golf with a treble pressure gauge, and it works really well here.

The twist in this game is that you build a team of golfers, made up of some particularly quirky characters, and they take one hole on each 9-hole round. You start with a small group and temporary “mini” players, so the main goal is to jump into the “round” mode to upgrade your rank, unlock more characters and upgrade your team. It’s a massive campaign (of sorts), with progression to unlock more courses and characters – as you level up the ones you have – being very incremental; You will need to settle down for a long time. It has a bit of a mobile feel (like the challenges that go around every day) but isn’t compromised by microtransaction design, thankfully, and the difficulty is nice early on when you learn the game.

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Captured on Nintendo Switch (Installed)

The team you unlock and upgrade can move into some other areas as well, such as the World Championship and Online Matches. The World Championship offers limited time challenges for you to face as you try to reach the top of the online leaderboard. Matches can be played online against random people, or you can set up/join password-protected rooms, which is great for meeting friends.

We were able to get into a random match nicely and quickly, with one player being a veteran with a top level golfer but another player who was just getting started. Character levels make a huge difference in performance, so there can be tolerances but it’s very informal and comfortable through a few holes. You can share the supportive feelings that helped make it such an enchanting experience; If you want to take the game seriously Online, you need to handle the tournament instead.

Gladly, the game is loaded with other modes as well. “Bring a Club” / “Pass a Club” are two local multiplayer shows that allow you to share a system and console or play against another person in the room in their own version. You can choose from all of the characters and courses in these modes as well, which is a nice touch considering how long it takes to unlock everything naturally through the round. Moreover, there are challenge modes called “Survival” and “Score Attack”; These are pretty curls, perfect for some pick-up-and-play games. Add to those unlockable items, fun variants of course conditions, along with customization options for many Characters, a lot of good content.

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Captured on Nintendo Switch (Installed)

The gameplay is also good, and most importantly. The courses are very realistic in approach, so don’t expect the kind of quirks you get Mario Golf: Super Rush, but increasingly interesting and challenging. There are a lot of them and when you learn the mechanics and master new techniques, you will find courses that really put you to the test. Sometimes it can be some ball physics little bit Quirky, but once connected to the game it feels like a great little round of golf. There’s a good balance in the gameplay as well – it can be a casual game for short and choppy periods, or you can get stuck and explore different techniques via the massive round mode.

Performance is perhaps the only area that has some negatives. It’s competent, but the game engine is clearly a good fit for capable Apple devices, as it struggles a bit on the Switch — even making the timing swings. small size a bit slow. We’ve modified it eventually, but you’re looking to experience a 30fps experience with occasional dips. If you try to skip a lot of animations or rush through the game, it can also crash, and the game crashes on one occasion. To be clear, Easy Come Easy Golf plays well overall, and is visually very good, but it’s just a small mark less than the ideal level of improvement. The sound at the end is a little annoying as well, in fact, with the cheery, non-fictional music getting rather stale. However, this game perfect For convenient mobile play with TV or background music playing.


Easy Come Easy Golf is very easy to recommend to golf game lovers, and Nintendo’s great debut in Everybody’s Golf series. It’s fun and polished golf with some fun twists while offering a great deal of content to unlock powerful multiplayer options. Even with slight performance snags and some awkward audio, we found ourselves having a lot of fun and kept coming back for some more holes. It’s definitely below par in a good way.

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