Denver Broncos vs San Francisco 49ers injury report for Wednesday

The Denver Broncos suffered an injury blunder that hit them here early in the season. A total of five newbies unable to start their training week with Randy Gregory, DJ Jones, Quinn Mainers, Jerry Judy and Pat Sarten all on the DNP roster.

“Yes, we work through this stuff,” coach Nathaniel Hackett said of Gregory. “He’s got a bit more play this last game and he’s done a really good job. We just want to make sure we’re smartly dealing with him through these things, but he’s out of the game really well, and we just want to make sure we take care of him.”

Meanwhile, KJ Hamler, Josey Jewell and Caden Sterns were all limited. That doesn’t take into account the fact that Justin Simmons is sitting on an injured reserve as well. With Jodi likely not attending this week, Humler is a player to watch this week.

“Right now, he’s going to be tied up today,” Hackett said of Humler. “So we’re just going to evaluate everything as we go into practice. We always wish we could get him out there, but we want to be smart with him.”

Denver will need to bring back a lot of these players well enough to play Sunday Night Football. We will need to monitor their condition every day.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers may be in a better position with Jimmy Garoppolo over Tre Lance in Week 3. While Lance may end up being the best quarterback in the long run, it’s possible that Jimmy J is still ahead of him as a player. Veteran man. They also seem to be getting a tight end for George Keitel, Garoppolo’s favorite target.

Here’s the full Broncos-49ers practice sharing report for Wednesday.

Bronco injury report

player POS. infection Wednesday Thursday Friday game state
player POS. infection Wednesday Thursday Friday game state
Randy Gregory OLB knee DNP
Jerry Jedi WR rib/shoulder DNP
DJ Jones DT ankle DNP
Queen Miners J/C hamstrings DNP
Darius Phillips CB hamstrings DNP
Pat Sertin II CB shoulder DNP
KJ Humler WR knee/hip Limited
Josie Jewell ILB hurry Limited
Caden Stearns s side Limited
Billy Turner OL knee Full of
Kwan Williams CB wrist Full of

49ers . injury report

player POS. infection Wednesday Thursday Friday game state
player POS. infection Wednesday Thursday Friday game state
Eric Armstead From Foot DNP
Daniel Brunskill J hamstrings DNP
Tyrion Davis-Price RB ankle DNP
Tyler Croft The knee DNP
Trent Williams T yoke DNP
George Keitel The groin Limited

in bold – indicates a change in status. yoke– indicates no injury; *– The team did not exercise / the report is an estimate.

Mode definitions: not involved (DNP); Limited: means less than 100 percent of a player’s normal repetitions; Complete – 100 percent of the player’s normal reps; Out: will not play; Doubtful: unlikely to play; Doubtful: Uncertain gameplay.

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