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Men win the Husky Invitational, women begin the Aagaard era

Jacob Bertram

Members of the then WSU women’s golf team, Madison Odiorne, sophomore Emily Baumgart, and sophomore Darcy Hapgood set up balls during a Monday afternoon practice session at the WSU training facility.

The men entered Seattle and took the title against the University of Washington while the women were putting on a strong showing in Wisconsin.

It’s a new era for Mrs. Cougar golf as a head coach has been hired to pair up with the young roster. This season will be the first trip for coach Sophie Agard, who was appointed in May, according to WSU Athletics.

The women followed the soccer team’s lead and traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, for the season opener at Badger Invitational on Sunday. Last season, the Cougar finished fifth out of 12 other teams led by Madeleine Gamble, who was a freshman at the time. during the Weekend. The team tied for fourth along with the other two teams from North Florida and Wisconsin, each with a score of 876 according to

The Cougs collected the most teams in the tournament with 180, 12 more than the next closest team.

The Lady Cougars were led by Australian senior Darcy Hapgood in a red shirt and Jinyu Wu, a red shirt student from China, both of whom finished with a score of 217.

At a press conference, coach Aagaard noted that the full nine-man squad is still competitive and fans are likely to see different starting lineups during the season.

Ms. Cougars will embark on a nine-course season across the country before she’s hoping to attend the PAC-12 Championships and after that, she’ll return to Pullman for the NCAA West Regionals, hosted by Palouse Ridge Golf Club.

Last season, women’s golf finished 10th at the 2022 PAC-12 Women’s Golf Championships in Eugene, Oregon as the hometown of the ducks took first place.

“The team’s goals are always to get better one day, every day. If we can keep doing the things we are doing that we will know will make us better every day in every competition and every training session we have. I think this is a huge success,” Aagaard said.

The guys packed up and traveled west just a day later on Monday to compete at the Husky Invitational, in Bremerton, under the leadership of Year 5 coach Dustin White and Cougar Alum.

The Cougars will play in a series of West Coast competitions and will return to the Ballos in mid-March to face the Vandals at the Bandon Dunes Tournament.

Last season, the Cougars finished ninth out of sixteen in the Husky Invitational. The men later concluded their season with a 12th-place performance at the PAC-12 Championships held in Sammamish led by Canadian red-shirted Max Ciculic.

Coach White seemed confident which led to the call.

“I think we’re ready…but I think we’re all excited to go out on the road and see what’s in store for us,” he said.

And they were prepared because the Koggs came out to take first place while burly competitors took third place. The Cogs fell to rival Huskies for the top spot last year, but revenge is sweet.

Young Jaden Cantaveo of California led the men’s team with a score of 213, while fellow Hawaiian senior Bono Yanagi was only one point behind.

Both women’s and men’s golf have had great success in their inaugural tournaments and look forward to seeing progress as the season continues.

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