Bossa 49ers keys past the Broncos; Dump Brown Steelers

Long story short, we’re in the third week of the NFL picks:

49ers 31, Broncos 21: Nick Bossa game. This “Sunday Night Football” show has become the defining game of Bossa’s career and is the key to the NFL Defensive Player of the Year show. Alongside it is a stifling defense – and a frustrated fan base for the Broncos that counts the hour of play to ridicule the running of a Denver game. Line: 49ers -1.5

Browns 24, Steelers 21: How the week began: A Browns fan was arrested for throwing a water bottle at a teammate. How the week ends: Steelers quarterback (Mitchell Trubesky) loses to throwing soccer balls at Brown’s defense. Font: Steelers +4.5

Bosses 33, Colts 26: Is it too early for the Chiefs to book a place in their fifth consecutive AFC Asian Championship? Font: -5.5 . heads

Patriots 19, Ravens 18: New England allow a low 18.5 NFL points per game. Font: Patriots +2.5

Bears 28, Texas 24: Three-step logic: 1.) Luffy Smith has coached the Bears for nine years. 2.) The Bears beat the Niners in their last game at Soldier Field; 3. Texas Smith loses to the Bears at Soldier Field. Font: Bears -2.5

Bills 35, Dolphins 28: Bills’ Stefon Diggs runs 34 catches, ahead of the all-time leading NFL tags by Randy Moss (23 in 2007) and Jerry Rice (22 in 1987). Line: bills -6

Bengals 28, Gates 25: After losing three points initially 0-2, the AFC champion Bengals credited the Jets. Line: +5 . planes

Rams 28, Cardinals 24: Did you see Kyler Murray run for 20 seconds on his way to a two-point conversion in the Cardinals’ return to Vegas? Aaron Donald will stop him with a 10-second mark in this match. Line: Ramez -3.5

Raiders 23, Titans 20: How many of you predicted that this would be an AFC Championship match, not a 0-2 loser fight? (Just invaders fans, baby?) Font: Raiders -2

Eagle 31, Washington 20: The leaders can’t recover from the previous week’s loss in Detroit — just like the 2021 Green Bay Packers, whose attempt to rebound was a playoff loss to 49 players. Line: Eagles -6.5

Saints 25, Panthers 21: This three-game home game starts for Carolina, and if a #1 win remains elusive, coach Matt Rolle may not be able to visit the October 9 49ers visit. Font: Saints -3

Vikings 31, Black 14: Kirk Cousins ​​quickly got over his latest fiasco on Monday night, when he was 2-10 years old. Font: Vikings-6

Chargers 27, Jaguar 16: Jaguars are historically horrific on the West Coast. (Clarification: Jaguars are generally horrific historically.) Line: Chargers -7

Seahawks 31, Falcons 14: This drops the Hawks to 0-3, which fits their early season history (1-4 in 2018; 1=7 in 2019; 0-5 I 2020; 1-3 in 2021). Font: Seahawks -1.5

Packers 24, Bucs 17: Aaron Rodgers rules the regular season (four NFL MVP awards to Tom Brady’s three). It’s the regular season, so go with Rodgers. The postseason, of course, is Brady’s lair. Line: Packers +1

Giants 28, Cowboys 20: New York soccer player Aaron Judge rubs off the undefeated giants. Line: Giants -1

Last week: 9-7 straight, 9-7 against the spread

Season: 16-15-1 straight, 18-14 against the spread

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