Bootcamp: 3 group structure, 3 biggest questions

It’s that time again, guys. New York Islanders training camp kicked off Wednesday, with Thursday being the first part on the ice at Northwell Ice Center in East Meadow, New York.

At the organization’s 14th annual golf outing, we met New York Islanders General Manager Lou Lamoreello, who explained how the training camp will run this year.

“The way this camp is going is… we have physical exams and they will have a day off. And then we will join three teams, three separate groups, and we will go there for three days,” Lamoreello said. “Basically take [next] It’s a holiday and we have two games.”

“Everyone in camp will have at least one game and one or two brawls. So they’ll have three whole days of training to mingle with the veterans. And then we’ll make you learn, we know, back-to-back matches, so we’ll have two teams. And no one will play two back-to-back matches. “.

Lamoreello continued:

“And when they are not playing, they will be in a game brawl that day. So they will have the opportunity to expose themselves as far as you know where they are at this point.”

We’ll get to know the bootcamp menu when we get to the training ground on Thursday morning.

Here is the schedule for the New York Islanders season, which begins Monday, September 26 at Madison Square Garden:

GM 1: 26 September in NYR, 7 p.m.

GM 2: September 27 at NJD, 7 p.m.

GM 3: Oct. 2 vs. PHI, 7 p.m.

GM 4: October 4 at PHI, 7 p.m.

GM 5: October 6 vs. NJD, 7 p.m.

GM 6: October 8 for NYR, 7 p.m.

What is the chance of Aatou Ratti and William Dufour making the list?

That’s the biggest question New York Islanders fans seem to want to know as they head off to boot camp. What is the probability that two of the emerging prospects, in Aatu Räty and William Dufour, will be on the NHL roster?

Answer: skinny

There were reports the other day that New York Islander General Manager Lou Lamoriello said the two prospects weren’t ready for the NHL just yet, but being there for a chat I had the impression the door wasn’t necessarily closed as Lamoriello started to answer.

“I couldn’t tell you at this point. They will tell us how close they are to the training camp,” Lamoreello shared. “But if I had a crystal ball, I’d say they’re not ready, you know, at this point.”

“And I believe I’d rather have them come too late when it comes to young players too.”

Now, there are two ways to interpret this quote. Odds are they aren’t ready or Lamorillo wants to have a chip on their shoulders, by telling them they’re not ready.

Regardless, the belief and understanding is that there is no place for these two players on the NHL roster, but can they definitely outshine a veteran in training camp?

They certainly can, but that doesn’t mean they’ll earn a spot.

Aatu Räty has limited AHL experience, totaling just eight games, six of which were in the post-season where he demonstrated his shot and IQ in hockey. William Dufour, despite a historic season in QMJHL, winning the Memorial Cup, being crowned MVP and then winning the gold over Räty and Team Finland at the 2022 IIHF World Championships, has a lot to learn before he is ready for the NHL League.

Both can act as initial call-ups when injuries come up, but I can see Simon Holmstrom getting his first chance, depending on the situation he goes down.

Let’s see how they perform in training camp as it should quickly become clear if they belong.

Is everyone 100 percent healthy?

When we spoke to Lynne Lambert the day before the rookie camp started, he said he believes everyone is in good health to enter the 2022-23 season.

The main takeaway from a chat with coach Lynn Lambert

The biggest question marks were the health of Cal Clutterbuck (shoulder surgery) and Scott Mayfield (lower body), two players who saw their seasons come to an end in March.

In 2021-22, New Yorkers saw a few other players fall due to injuries. At first, Semyon Varlamov and Matt Martin were not ready for camp and the start of the regular season. Then it was Brooke Nelson and Kyle Palmieri, followed by Ryan Bullock, who was away longer than expected. And then you had Clatterbuck and Mayfield.

Islanders lost 208 matches due to injuries and COVID-19 NHL lost man games.

There are a lot of players, big players, who have to fall back and staying healthy should be a top priority to bounce back in 2022-23.

Who will win the sixth and seventh defense?

Before the boot camp started, we discussed three players Sebastian Aho, Robin Salo and Dennis Chulovsky who will be fighting for sixth place in defense alongside Scott Mayfield.

But as the development camp continues, Grant Hutton’s leadership and consistency make him another player to watch.

Hutton may be 27 years old but if we compare him to the three players above, Hutton has an edge in terms of defensive play. The other players are more offensive, and also play on the left side, where Hutton, right, will be on his far flank if he wins the job.

AHL veteran Houghton has been adamant he doesn’t want to return to Bridgeport after tasting an NHL game last season due to COVID-19.

23-year-old Robin Salo has a bright future and given the fact that he is exempt from the exemption it makes a lot of sense to send him and let him play in the best minutes for Bridgeport, unless he hits the coaching staff too far in camp. We know what 26-year-old Sebastian Aho is capable of at the NHL level, more than an extra forward when he’s on the ice.

Formerly a first-round pick, 24-year-old Dennis Chulovsky is on a two-way deal, as Grant Houghton, another player with National Hockey League experience, is valuable, though unsuccessful.

Lou Lamoreello noted that there are two defense openings, sixth and seventh, so at least two of these players will remain with the big club after camp.

If I had to guess, I’d say Ahu and Hutton are staying up late. But as Lamoreello said, the training camp will determine the results.

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