As Steph Curry continues to transform golf, Caddyshack to Corner Office expands content that enables Gen Z Caddies to celebrate life-changing milestones

Former carrier and future employee of Ares Management Corporation, Natalie Vaglia

“Through these expanded content offerings, we are excited to engage younger packers who wanted to share their own experiences and also provide them with some well-earned recognition in the process.” -Kai Sato, Caddyshack to Corner Office Founder

Even before the pandemic led to increased golf participation, Steve Curry was arguably doing more than anyone else to reshape the sport, since Tiger Woods. Besides competing in professional tournaments, Curry elected to fund Howard University’s golf teams. Furthermore, the inaugural season of an unrated tour of golf, which gave kids with limited financial resources the chance to compete on the national stage, ended recently. Through these feats, Curry not only makes golf cooler, but proactively creates ways to grow the game for people from all walks of life.

Accordingly, Caddyshack showed the Corner Office (CCO) how golf can change people’s lives without swinging a club. They can do this through cans.

Since its launch in 2020, CCO has sought to recognize the most accomplished people who were once a recruiter and develop the game at the same time by helping those who follow their path. Through her official Caddying stories, she profiles the likes of Nikola’s board member, Marie Petrovich; Former CEO of PotashCorp, Bill Doyle; 23-time Emmy Award winner, Fred Godeli; Wealth Advisor to Arnold Palmer, Dick Connolly; veteran golf journalist Bob Harrig; And former US Open champion, Corey Pavin, to name a few.

Building on the basis of Corner Office interviews, CCO recently expanded its content to identify Gen Z caddies when they reach two critical milestones on the path to success: getting a full-time job after college or getting an important mentor from the rings. Respectively, the content offerings are known as Job Launch and Mentor Spotlight. Career launches detail how cans have helped young people get meaningful jobs, usually after college graduation. The Mentor Spotlight allows the wheels to spotlight a golfer that has helped them navigate better through life.

“Looking at the common thread of people we interviewed and reverse-engineering their success, they typically developed a mentor that helped them better understand the world and then find meaningful work in it,” Kadyshak told Corner Office founder Kai Sato. Through these expanded content offerings, we Excited to engage younger golfers who want to share their own experiences and also provide them with some well-earned recognition in the process. For many golf clubs, it’s also a real way to highlight the good and often overlooked Samaritan efforts of their members.”

Sato’s own experience began on his way to the corner office as a boxer at Bel-Air Country Club, which is how he helped college admissions at USC. He often looked for a real estate executive named Randy Brant, who would become an important mentor to him at the time. After graduation, Sato began working for the same company as Brant, Macerich (NYSE: MAC), which was his first full-time job. He later co-founded a sports software company and has since helped build companies in other industries as a consultant, board member, CEO, and most recently for a Nasdaq-listed technology company. After becoming a member of Bel-Air himself, Sato encounters dozens of great past cans success stories that haven’t been picked up, so he sets out to give them a home, hoping to inspire future generations.

CCO has since collaborated with the Evans Scholars Foundation and more recently with the Ouimet Fund, thanks to an introduction from CBS commentator Jim Nantz. Not surprisingly, many of the Gen Z caddy stories stem from those notable organizations. For example, Natalie Vaglia, an Evans researcher at Michigan State University, used a career launch to explain how Cans helped land her future role with Ares Management Corporation.

Sato concluded: “There are a number of nonprofits that do a great job of identifying outstanding youngsters and enabling them to attend university, often on a full scholarship. We will work to ensure they have a CCO as they build vibrant careers, while giving the larger golf community access to stories. It makes you appreciate the game and everything it has to offer us.”

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