2022 Men’s T20 World Cup – India squad

Not many expected the way the 2022 AFC Asian Cup for Team India would turn out. To address the elephant in the room on the spot, the expedition was a disaster of fearless proportions for Rohit Sharma’s men. After a very promising start in the first round, the team flopped completely. The flashes from the previous World T20 were obvious, with the aspect looking really exhausted, awkward and, of course, terribly out of ideas.

Being an always glowing T20I team like India, captain Rohit Sharma easily escaped the disaster, calling it a World T20 test run instead. With both eyes now focused on the title, and barely a week left on the fifteen introductory names, the focus remains on seeing what the Indian think tank finalizes.

India national cricket team. Image credits: BCCI

While the usual suspects are expected to occupy most of the time slots, some stiff competition for the remaining points is expected.

India squad for T20 World Cup 2022: Rohit Sharma (C), KL Rahul (VC), Virat Kohli, Suryakumar Yadav, Deepak Hooda, R Pant (WK), Dinesh Karthik (WK), Hardik Pandya, R. Ashwin, Y Chahal, Axar Patel, Jasprit Bumrah, B Kumar, Harshal Patel, Archdeep Singh

Reserve players – Mohammed. Shami, Shreyas Iyer, Ravi Bishnoi, Deepak Shahar

T20 World Cup 2022 – India National Team (Possible)


Rohit Sharma Kuala Lumpur Rahul
Rohit Sharma Kuala Lumpur Rahul. Image credits: BCCI

The Rohit Sharma aesthetic has always been in decent shape lately, and his brilliant half-century against Sri Lanka was one of all time. On a seemingly treacherous track, Rohit was in his own territory, playing with the Lankans. In the first four encounters against Pakistan as well, Rohit ran before knocking out at 28.

With the baggage of previous experience in Australia and being a key member of the winning 3-0 team in 2016 against the Kangaroos, the Indian captain will be an integral part. The format’s leading playmaker has repeatedly stressed the urgency of starting with great fanfare and has taken his word for it.

However, Rohit is a batsman much more dangerous than just scoring a quick 30 goal. If set, he’s a one-game winner, as evidenced by his numbers. Thus, it would be perfect for India, if Rohit went with a calculated mindset, instead of going all the bang bang.

The opening second slot was hotly debated, and the most likely candidate, KL Rahul in all fairness, didn’t do his case well. Except for a Super Four encounter against Pakistan, Rahul looked very dull and in his shell. The most frustrating aspect of Rahul is the voluntary restrictions he imposes on himself. Despite all the footage in the book, Rahul playing the second violin over and over again is baffling.

Given the composition of the team, and the desire to have Rishabh Pant left-handed in the eleventh, Rahul should not be a part of the eleventh. Instead, the dynamic Virat Kohli should always open up with Sharma.

Kohli is not a mug as an opener, and given his recent playing state, the former captain is best suited to the conquest, making Powerplay impressive. Kohli and Rohit are at the top, presenting an ocean of confidence and devastation, in their day. Indisputably, two of the greatest T20I rackets of all time would make an opening pair, sewn into heaven.

middle system:

India's Virat Kohli (left) celebrates with teammate Suryakumar Yadav after scoring half a century (50 points) during the 20th AFC Asian Cup cricket match between India and Hong Kong at Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai on August 31, 2022 (Photo by Surjeet) Yadav/AFP) (Photo by Surjit Yadav/AFP via Getty Images)
India’s Virat Kohli (left) celebrates with teammate Suryakumar Yadav after scoring half a century (50 points) during the 20th AFC Asian Cup cricket match between India and Hong Kong at Dubai International Cricket Stadium in Dubai on August 31, 2022 (Photo by Surjeet) Yadav/AFP) (Photo by Surjit Yadav/AFP via Getty Images)

The unconventional Suryakumar Yadav was the most successful T20 cricketer in third place. The Mumbai Indians superstar is easily India’s best hitter and given the importance of the number 3, Yadav should hit there. On Australian courts, with optimal bounce, given Yadav 360’s gameplay, the stage was set for him at 3.

It is a known fact now, that Rishabh Pant’s T20I career has been terribly humble. For a very talented player and IPL legend, his average 23, with a strike rate of 126 in 57 matches, reflects a very unfortunate picture.

If there is one place where you bet on pant to beat the situation, it has to be Australia. Much like Virat Kohli, the beaches Down Under get the best of Pant. Judging the boy purely on instinct, considering his energetic approach, and backing the Delhi Capitals captain in the eleventh is a good bet.

The numbers five and six choose themselves, with Hardik Pandya representing India’s best chance to lift its second world title in the T20. The 2022 FIFA World Cup winning captain reached his pinnacle as a cricketer this year and hitting the top has made his game a world of good. Slot number five is perfect for Pandya, as he can take off on his designated platform.

Aging like red wine, Dinesh Karthik has now completed 18 years in international cricket. Along with Rohit Sharma, Karthik is the only surviving member of the 2007 World T20 preparation, out of all the teams. The India Player of the Year award is indispensable, with two Man of the Match awards this year.

Having played a key role as India’s white ball leg at the 2018/19 Australian Tour, Karthik as the number one finisher is a fair bet. The Tamil Nadu legend loves speed on the bat and will surely be the right party for India.

All tours:

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya. Image credits: Twitter

Knee surgery by Ravindra Jadeja is a fatal blow to men in the blue. If he wasn’t injured, the multi-skilled legendary player would have chosen himself. However, India has a capable alternative ready and eager to take off.

Aksar Patel has to start and play the role of a multi-level bowler. His hitting power has improved, as is evident in the West Indies lately, and with a CER of 7.34 in 25 games, Axar will be crucial for India.


Virat Kohli and Bovneshwar Kumar (Image credits: Twitter)
Virat Kohli and Bovneshwar Kumar (Image credits: Twitter)

After taking control of South Africa and England, reality hit Bhuvaneshwar Kumar right in the face, in the UAE. The veteran player, who is on the cusp of completing a decade in international cricket, was transferred to the cleaners on 19The tenth During the two matches against Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Quite clearly now, Kumar is no longer the perfect deathmatch player, as he was a few years ago. Thus, UP pacer can be better used by being a powerplay specialist. Ideally, Kumar should put three overs up front, in the powerplay. If there is any swing on display, his size to win India matches is tenfold.

Despite the question marks over the fitness of Jaspreet Pomerah and Harshal Patel, one would expect them to be back in the XI. The rehabilitation progress of both bridles has been impressive, and on the flat surfaces of Australia, both need to bring their expertise to the fore. Patel may not have toured Australia before, but given his differences, he remains a cushion to count on.

Needless to say much about Bumrah, who is indeed the best cricketer across the various formats in world cricket at the moment. The fourth line in the scheme of things should be Arshdeep Singh.

The left-arm pacer is a bowling alley of death and almost got close to two crazy final finishes. If anything, these test times will only strengthen Arshdeep, and having him on the team as a left-armer is an absolute must for the Indians.


Yosvendra Chahal
Josefindra Chahal. Image credits: BCCI

It’s a panty fight in this segment, as Yozvendra Chahal and Ravi Bishnoi are pretty neck-to-neck. Bishnoi had an excellent outing against Pakistan and despite her less international experience than Chahal, she is an absolutely reliable choice. One aspect in favor of Bishnoi over Chahal is his pace. Chahal has not completely changed his pace and remains a one-dimensional cricketer. The Rajasthan Royals’ leg spinner is an absolute loser with bats and an embarrassment on the court.

Outside of the eleventh, the most challenging choice would be to pick the extra batsman or the extra bowler. While you would expect KL Rahul to be part of the team, the other spot remains vacant. There are some honorable mentions in potential candidates such as Deepak Hooda and Sanju Samsun.

Historically, teams have always been better off when they pick an extra player. Considering the venue and recent T20I games in Australia, where batting was the easiest skill, the extra pacer is a perfect addition. This is exactly where Dipak Chahar should play the return.

Although he hasn’t played much of late, Chahar is the perfect backup for Bhuvaneshwar Kumar. Also, for someone who can hit the ball well with the bat, having Deepak Chahar in the lower order provides a much-needed cushion.


Virat Kohli Deepak Hooda
Virat Kohli Deepak Hooda. Image credits: Twitter

Painfully, Deepak Hoda would be the most suitable among the preserves. Although he didn’t make many mistakes, the team’s balance meant that the hard hitter would lose. In time for the hitter’s injury, Hooda will be the first name to be unlocked.

Sanju Samson is someone who can really excel on the Australian tracks and due to his excellent performance against quality pace in the IPL, Samson is my backup.

The final reserve member must be a rotating member. Assuming he is fully fit, Washington Sundar could definitely be that backup member. If injury-stricken Sundar remains unavailable, R-Ashwin must play the role of reserve.

All in all, in terms of talent India It looks like no other. What needs to be seen now is, if that talent is really stepping up in the trying moments, this thing has gotten away with the men in blue uniforms at the recent ICC events. Will the 9-year drought end in your silverware cupboard?

India squad for the 2022 Men’s T20 World Cup

Noun age Role
Rohit Sharma (Midfielder) 35 beating
Kuala Lumpur Rahul (VC) 30 beating
Virat Kohli 33 beating
Suryakumar Yadav 31 beating
Hardik Pandya 28 all round
Rishabh Pant (WK) 24 Batter/wicket keeper
Dinesh Karthik (WK) 37 Batter/wicket keeper
Aksar Batel 28 all round
Harshall Patel 31 all round
Bovneshwar Kumar 32 archer
Jasperet Bumrah 28 archer
Yosvendra Chahal 32 archer
Ravi Bishnoi 22 archer
Mohammed Shami 32 archer
Archdeep Singh 23 archer
Deepak Shahar 30 archer Reserves
I don’t know 25 archer Reserves
Deepak Hoda 27 all round Reserves

India’s ideal team: (in order of preference to first eleven)

  1. R. Sharma (c)
  2. F. kohli
  3. Suryakumar Yadav
  4. R. pant (week)
  5. H. Pandya
  6. Karthik
  7. A. Battle
  8. H. Battle
  9. B. Kumar
  10. R. Bishnoi
  11. J. Bumrah
  12. a. sing
  13. Y. Chahal
  14. Kuala Lumpur Rahul
  15. Dr.. month


  1. Dr.. there is it
  2. s. samson
  3. W. Sundar/R. Ashwin

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