15 GP winner takes responsibility for Michael Schumacher’s horrific return to F1 2010

2009 world champion Jenson Button partly blames the return of seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher in Formula 1

Mercedes returned to Formula One in 2010 after taking the championship-winning Brawn GP. However, things did not go as planned and Jenson Button takes responsibility for it.

Jenson Button had one of the most amazing seasons of his career winning the World Championships. Moreover, even Brawn GP won the constructors’ title in 2009.

Michael Schumacher returned in 2010 after 3 years away from the sport. According to him, he was still at his peak and could perform at the highest level.

Average 2010 season for Michael Schumacher

Things didn’t go as planned for Mercedes as they finished fourth in the Manufacturer’s Championship with 214 points. This was a bad result because they had won the championship before.

Furthermore, there was a change of leadership as Mercedes signed young German Nico Rosberg to partner with Michael Schumacher. On the other hand, Jenson Button signed for McLaren Club.

According to Jenson Button, a late move to McLaren has been the reason for the seven-times world champion’s disappointing season. He finished ninth in the tournament.

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Jenson Button takes the blame for Mercedes’ 2010 season and credits Michael Schumacher’s return

Mercedes built the W01 for 2010 to Jenson Button’s preference. He was still the driver while the development was going on and Schumacher signed off after the car was finished.

Button explains: “Schumacher loves a very pointed car. But Mercedes excels hard and I’ve always been happy that way.”

However, he has received little credit for bringing Schumacher back into the world of Formula One due to his move to McLaren. Furthermore, he placed second in the world championship behind Sebastian Vettel.

The seven-time world champion eventually retired from motorsport in 2013, passing the Mercedes torch to talented Lewis Hamilton. The Briton went on to win six world championships with the team.

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