Washington Citizens News & Notes: Davy Martinez and Mike Rizzo on Cady Cavalli; Henry Blanco, Keibert Ruiz, and others

When will we see Cavalli in the capital?:

In three starts and 16 innings in August, Cade Cavalli, 24, who is currently the highest-rated bowler and the No. 4 player on MLB Pipeline’s list of Washington’s best prospects, allowed five runs earned (2.81 ERA), walked six, hit 19 hitters, and grabbed two hitters. Opponents with 233 AVG.

In the year, Cavalli had 3.82 ERAs, 36 walks, 96 kilobits, and 0.219 BAA as of Wednesday, so of course General Manager Mike Rizzo, at this time of year, would be asking when we’ll see right — more in the majors, as the lists widen (little bit) on September 1, and some of the next generation of their compatriots have already joined the majors.

On his weekly visit with 106.7 FAN at Sports Junkies in the capital on Wednesday, Rizzo declined to offer a specific date, but said Cavalli is making progress and performing consistently with Triple-A Rochester.

“He’s getting better at every start,” Rizzo said of the Nats’ 2020 first-round pick from the University of Oklahoma. “You have a bowler who has good things, he’s really starting to get into his third court, which he’s put a lot of work into, changing him.

“It looks like it would be a good home for him in the big league, but you also have to remember that he’s had a great college career, but he hasn’t given much.

“He was a two-way player, he’s really new to play, he learned really fast and over the long haul, and when you talk about a guy who had a limited amount of roles in high school and college as he did, his meteoric rise through the high school rankings, I think it’s just a scratch Surface. He’ll be a really good league player for us, and I’m excited to see him when he gets here, and when reports say he’s ready to come to the major leagues, we certainly wouldn’t hesitate to bring him here.”

Senior League Manager Davey Martinez told reporters before the series finale Wednesday with the Chicago Cubs in the nation’s capital that he was eager to see Cavalli, when coaches and development people for the organization see he’s ready to make the leap.

“For me, it’s always about consistency, right?” Martinez said. “And he’s starting to get it.

“We’re starting to watch him – he’s starting to hit a lot more balls, he’s competing.

“High influence, I look at all things high influence when he puts himself in a position, how well he can get out of it, and he does a much better job.”

When asked where he saw improvement from the bowler, Martinez also referred to the development of the right holder to change him among other things.

“We talked to him a lot earlier about the changes, he’s making more changes now, so that’s great,” Martinez said. “His broken ball drops for hits, and that’s cool. So he’s coming. So now, like I said, he’s out there and he’s taking a few outings where he’s consistent, we get him there where he can throw six or more innings, and then we’ll see he probably comes in.” [here] And he helped us. Now the most important thing for us is getting our guys past the sixth inning, and we need that. We can’t make him come in here and go for four rounds, because he’s going to kill our dog, and I think they all understand that.

“I know Ravi there, Chavez, [Triple-A Pitching Coach Rafael Chaves] He’s working with these guys to get a little deeper into the games, and it’s all about throwing consistent hits, and he’s been — like I said, he’s had two really good games in a row, and he’s been doing everything we asked of him, so he’s been good. “

Ruiz and Blanco:

Davey Martinez was hoping to walk away from Keibert Ruiz on Tuesday night, but ended up using the 24-year-old catcher, who was battered a bit after taking two blunt tips from his mask and one hit after the other. His leg at the series premiere with the Chicago Cubs on Monday in the nation’s capital.

“He played and did really well, but I spoke to him last night, he said he’s fine, so he’s there today,” Martinez said before the end of the series with the Cubbies.

The fifth-year captain spoke on Tuesday about watching Ruiz closely, not only for signs of trouble after the fouls made from his mask, but also because he’s played a lot this season.

As Martinez said before the second game out of three with the Cubs in the capital, they want Ruiz to continue into his first full season in the league, as there is a lot to learn and he will be the No. Every day too.

“Hey, look, every time I don’t play, he wants to play, so it’s a good indication that his body is handling it really well,” Martinez said. “For me, the scary part is all the hits in the head, with the saucy tips, and the reason he’s one of the best at catching sly tips is because he falls under the hitter, and we love that, and frankly, the guy she used to do really well was [current Cubs’ manager] David Ross, when he was with us, because he was really good at catching sly tips because he was another guy under the hitter really, and he was able to catch it.

Photo by John McCreary/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“With that being said, they’re also prone to getting hit like that, with a lot of wrong advice like that, so we just have to keep an eye on him at this point, because he’s been hit a lot.”

Martinez continued at length when asked about the work Ruiz has done, and the improvement he has made closely with fishing coach and strategy Henry Blanco, a former Major League catcher who moved into his new position after helping out catchers while serving as coach Bullpen. In the capital before this season. Where was the focus?

“Henry worked a lot with his mechanic, grips, his glove, and sitting under a baseball,” Martinez explained. “[Ruiz has] He did a much better job receiving the ball. Show targets shooters things like that. He used to be a guy who used to drop his glove down, start it down and go up as the pitch got closer, but he’s getting more and more willing to get the gauntlet in there and keep it there and give better targeting.

“His foot. His foot throwing was flawless. I mean, you know, he’s one of the best players in the big leagues. His release is really quick, and that’s something Henry really hit him on, and he’s been working on it, being able to throw it to your target, move your feet.” Henry is really good at blocking, and it teaches him how to pass his body over the ball, keep the ball in front of him, and he was really good at that.”

Before playing on Wednesday, Ruiz earned 30% CS% per year, eliminating 19 out of 64 potential base steals, while posting 0.90% fld%, with seven fouls per year.

FWIW: Henry Blanco, in his 16-year career in the majors, finished with a 43% CS%.

“Henry is still working with him on the game’s recall part and the sequence,” Martinez continued, “…you know, and yet it’s said, like I said, Annibal [Sánchez] He’s talked to him a lot, because Anibal has done that, so Henry is constantly working with him, they touch on yesterday’s game, he’s going to talk to him a little bit today without hitting him because he has to focus on him today, but he wants him to understand some things he could do differently. And they were good. They work well together. For Henry, it’s like – he always says he’s not going to try to make it what he used to be, because they all have their own identities, but he’s trying to get the best out of each of our masques and make them the best they can be. He works really hard with these guys. tris [Barrera]Hey, Riley! [Adams]when he was here. Riley’s back there has gotten better, and Riley is an even bigger man, right? So everything was staying low, and it was tough for him, but they worked on it, he’s gotten a lot better, and I’m getting good reports of catching up with him there. [at Triple-A], for being so much better, so I’ve had Henry for a long time, and he’s worked with fishermen everywhere I’ve been and he’s awesome. “

Simple question = interesting answer:

It was a simple question, really. What are your team’s long-term goals? 106.7 FAN’s Sports Junkies asked Nats’ manager Mike Rizzo the question on his weekly visit this week, and Rizzo’s answer was interesting touching on how he sees the club restarting an extra year after they started it off with a sale – from expired deals (And over a year of controlling Tria Turner) on the trade deadline in 2021. So what are the next goals?

“Competing to win every game, that’s always our goal,” Rizzo said in his summary.

“It was disappointing last night, we competed well, but we failed. That was a match we thought we could have won, we should have won, we wanted to win, but that’s our goal, it’s still our goal to win every game there.”

Chicago Cubs vs. Washington Nationals

Photo by Greg Fayoum/Getty Images

“We want to see the young key players play every day, make progress and hopefully when you see a lineup in the middle [that’s] Young, strong and talented like A [Keibert] Ruiz, [CJ] Abrams in shortstop, Luis Garcia in second, A [Victor] Robles is in the middle of the field, and you get… Josiah Gray and back [MacKenzie] Gore, you see like young [Cade] Cavalli and [Cole] Henry and those young shooters who are going to rise in the near future, that’s what this thing is about, this reboot depends on good, talented, young start-up players that you’ll grow up around, and that will be our goal, improving the good young players who will be the core of our next club of championship caliber.”

[ed. note“Unfortunately there was an update on Cole Henry after Rizzo mentioned him in the interview with the Junkies…”]:

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